On the small island of Bohol in the Philippines, a young high-schooler named Analyn* turned the dial of her transistor radio every night, the sounds of static and crackling adding to the symphony of insects outside, as she searched for FEBC Philippines’ signal. Finding the station, she would listen for 4 hours to her favorite program, Papuri, which means “Praise.” This family of Christian musicians, which started in 1979, was a mainstay on FEBC radio, and became one the most popular Christian groups in the country, with churches singing Papuri worship songs with their congregations.

As Analyn grew up, she moved to the city to attend to college, and while she could no longer tune in to Papuri on the radio, she found the same programs she listened to as a high-schooler on FEBC Philippines’ website.

“I am so happy God made it possible to listen to DZAS through the web. Now I have my own family and I work in a company. There are a lot of struggles involving finances, relationships, work and peer pressure. I’m glad that 702 DZAS programs are now available for downloading and that I can listen to them whenever, and wherever. I make sure that I have the latest edition of your program saved in my phone for light listening and inspiration all throughout the day.

“It is my prayer that God will bless your program all the more. Continue sharing the Good News through your program.”

*name changed for privacy


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