Over 280 listeners in Thailand came to Christ last year and wrote in to thank our team. FEBC Thailand responded by offering a follow-up program for these new believers, complete with a Bible study and booklets explaining what it means to be a  Christian. Here are 5 of the listener responses:

Mrs. P. :

“Hello to all of you! I am listening to your program and thinking of all of you. Greetings to the Team. I’m excited to tell you that I now have the ability to go to church, as my health has drastically improved. I thank the Lord for giving me happiness and faith in Him. The Lord has always given His love to me. The pastor at the Church is caring for me and brings me to worship every week, and he visits me every Saturday.

“He even gave me a large Bible to read, and instructions about to pray. I am still only slowly learning, but I am so happy now when I listen to the program that has brought me to know Jesus. Thank You!”

Auntie Pranee:

“I listen regularly to the program “Life Has an Answer.” It’s such a great program, and you should know that you have many fans in my village. I love the things you speak about and that you say God is Light and tell of the way to walk in His light.

“Because of what I hear you say, my conscience has been convicting me of sins in my life. Thank you for producing this program and I pray you would continue to do so. With love from my whole heart: thank you!”

Mrs. Uraiwan:

“Every day on the “Loving Friend” program, you bring up so many things for me to think about. One of the recent pieces of advice you gave was to think positively, looking ahead to what God has in store for us, instead of what’s in the past. Thank you for saying that! This is such an encouragement to listeners like me who deal with so many daily discouragements. Thank you so much!”

Mrs. R. :

“Hello, I listened to the program today and was encouraged by the Word of God from Psalm 1 verse 1. This is just like my life now at this time, because I have to have patience to continue with the Lord even when those around me are like the other people in this verse. I want to thank you for speaking from the Bible—it gave me such happiness to hear those words!”

(Mrs. R. is handicapped, the only Believer in her family, and unable to get to worship together with others).

Mr. Wichai:

“Hello! I listen to Darunee’s program regularly. You speak so wonderfully and have such great content. I love to listen to this radio program very much, and I listen everyday. I’m 77 years old, but I’m quite healthy. I have children and grandchildren who send me money to live on, for which I am very thankful. Praise be to God!”


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