Recently an FEBC Cambodia team went to a village in the Kampot province of Cambodia to talk to listeners of one of their programs called “Comfort at Night.” There were over 70 listeners present, who were excited to meet the team. Two people named Neak and Sedh, shared how much the programs have helped them grow in their faith. You can read what they said by going to


“Hello, my name is Neak Mao and I am from the Krasang province. I am a regular listener to Family FM, which has helped me grow in my faith. I learned about the importance of putting others before yourself, and this has impacted the way I raise my children, and in strengthening my relationships with my neighbors and grown my marriage. I have learned a lot about what God wants us to know through the Bible, by listening to your station. Thank You!”


Sedh Rodtha:

“I listen to Family FM, every day from my cell phone. It has benefited me and my family a lot, My wife doesn’t like listening to stations other than Family FM, and I’m the same way—I love listening to it. Before, I was too shy to share the Gospel with others around me, but you encouraged me not to be ashamed of sharing the Gospel. Thank You!”


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