Black-radio-on-tableYanti (40) was born into a Muslim family. “My father is a Muslim teacher even now. Before I was introduced to Heartline radio, I struggled with a bleeding disorder for almost a year. I don’t seek medical help because I don’t believe in medicine or doctors.  Since I live in a Christian neighborhood, I heard about a Christian healing program on television and God healed me. From that moment on, I looked for Christian books to read to learn more about the faith, without my late husband knowing. I kept doing that until my husband died.

“Then I got married to my second husband (57). He was once a Christian, but he is now practicing black magic. There is always a conflict between us, because he does not like me being involved in a Christian community.  It is even difficult to me to go to church. But I believe God had chosen me to be one of His people.

In May 2011, I visited my stepson. He was listening to music through a headset and he told me I could listen to the radio the same way, to hear my sermon programs. This is exactly what I need, I thought, but because I don’t have a radio, I sent a short message to Rev. Epi to ask for one and also for prayer, so my husband will return to God.

“I am so impressed by Heartline FM. I never listen to any Christian songs or the Word of God when my husband is around, because he hates it when I feel close to God. When my husband is not around, I try to steal opportunities to tune into Heartline FM,” Yanti shared tearfully.

“Because of Heartline FM, Rev. Epi is guiding me even today. He visits me at home to give me support and to help me find strength in God. My husband hates preachers, but with the power of prayer and God, my husband allowed Rev. Epi to visit us. I am so happy because of this. This is all because of Heartline. Thank you so much!”


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