Who is FEBC?
FEBC (Far East Broadcasting Company) is a global media network broadcasting the Gospel of Jesus Christ and cultivating relationships to reach people with the Gospel.
Where Do You Serve?
How is FEBC Supported?

FEBC is a registered ministry in the U.S. and is dependent upon donations from individuals, churches, and foundations to continue our work.

If you’d like to become a supporter of FEBC’s global media ministry, please Donate today.

Do You Provide Radios?

Radio Distribution is a mainstay of our ministry.  Without radios, the poor have no way to hear Christ’s message of hope.

Every year we distribute thousands of radios around the world. In 2018, our supporters helped us distribute 14,400 radios in Kyrgyzstan, Myanmar, Cambodia, Indonesia, Vietnam and  Thailand. With requests from the fields flooding in, thousands more are needed.

If you’d like to partner with us to transform lives through radios, please Give a Radio.  $40 puts a wind-up radio in the hands of a listener.

Why Radio?
  • Radio penetrates geographic, political, ideological, and economic barriers that prevent countless numbers of people from access to the Gospel.
  • FEBC utilizes high power AM/FM and shortwave radio transmitters to deliver evangelistic and discipleship programming to some of the most remote and needy areas of the world.
  • As innovative technologies emerge, we add them to our delivery methods, such as Internet and satellite broadcasting, podcasting, and the use of MP3 players.  Recently, we began reaching listeners through cell phonesand speaker boxes.
  • Radio also breaks barriers of illiteracy.  A large number of Southeast Asians can neither read nor write.  Radio allows people to hear what they cannot read.
  • Radio is the perfect vehicle when privacy is a concern.  Our broadcasts are heard in many countries where Christianity is opposed.  A Muslim or Buddhist interested in learning more about our faith might not open a door to a Christian missionary, but they would listen privately  to a radio program as they seek the truth.
Does FEBC Help People Besides Giving Radios?

We initiate and participate in a wide range of community development projects. We engage in compassion outreach because people are in need and acts of kindness open hearts to hear the Gospel.

Through partnerships with global and local organizations, we offer humanitarian assistance such as medical, dental and food relief, educational scholarships, homes for the poor, marriage seminars, microenterprise opportunities, and disaster relief, to name a few.

When Was FEBC Launched?

In 1945, Robert Bowman and John Broger established FEBC.  Pastor William Roberts later became the third member of the team, with his church serving as FEBC’s first supporter.  To learn more about FEBC’s history.

What Denomination Does FEBC Belong To?

FEBC is a non-denominational Christian organization.

What About Disaster Response?

FEBC’s FIRST Response teams have developed a portable radio station that can be assembled within the critical 72 hours following a major disaster, offering life-saving information such as food/water /medical/housing relief.  We also distribute radios so people who have lost everything can access critical news.

To date, FIRST Response has served in disasters in India, the Philippines, and Indonesia.

Do You Partner With Other Organizations?

Our passion is sharing Christ with the world.  But we don’t do it alone.  We depend on local churches, Christian organizations and NGOs to partner with us.

In every country where we serve, we partner with local churches, if they exist.   They are most equipped to provide discipleship and fellowship; they are the hands and feet of Jesus to people who enter their doors.

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