Ever since the devastating March 11 earthquake and tsunami, we have been praying for the people of Japan and our team in Tokyo, who are working around the clock to provide messages of hope and comfort during this unparalleled tragedy.

The following note recently arrived from Keiko Yoshizaki, our field director in Japan:

“We’re so grateful for those who are praying for us. We appreciate your continuous prayers very much. In addition to airing special programs to comfort people, we’re interviewing pastors visiting the most devastated areas.”

Supporting Local Churches

FEBC works hand-in-hand with local churches, especially during times of disaster, to assist communities struggling with loss and destruction.

“Many of you have asked how you might help us,” Keiko continues. “Right now our immediate request is support for our local churches. We praise God they are functioning as a place for people to escape to.”

“The church is reaching people physically and spiritually,” Keiko says, “demonstrating the love of God.”

From the listeners

  • “I am one of the victims of the earthquake and tsunami who cannot go home. I am a lost sheep with my house near the nuclear power plant. Fortunately, I am now living with my parents. Thank God, a friend reminded me about FEBC broadcasts. What a blessing I can listen to you online.”

  • “I don’t know what will happen to me after this terrible disaster! I cannot explain in words. Why did I survive? Why has God given me life? I need to think about this.”

Although no religious radio stations are allowed in Japan, FEBC staff produce 75 minutes of programming a day in their Tokyo studios, later broadcast from FEBC Korea transmitters. While many local stations in the earthquake area were destroyed, our programs can be heard. FEBC broadcasts are also available online at www.febcjp.com.

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