January 16, 2017 FEBC Day of Prayer

January 16, 2017 FEBC Day of Prayer

Day of Prayer

Join FEBC’s worldwide family today for a special day of prayer. Help us lift our voices to God and ask Him to pour out His blessings on the work of FEBC in the new year. Below you’ll find specific prayer points from our fields all around the world.

As you pray for them, please feel free to add your prayer to the comments section at the bottom of the page, so our staff and listeners can be encouraged to see your prayers for them.

“Therefore I tell you, whatever you ask in prayer, believe that you have received it, and it will be yours.” – Mark 11:24


  • Please pray for FEBC-Russia’s remaining FM stations to be protected from government interference as the attacks on Christian broadcasts continue. Pray for the relative freedom to share the Gospel in Russia to continue. Please pray for stations in Norilsk and Tambov regions.
  • Please pray for FEBC-Russia’s efforts to reach more listeners online. Victor Akhterov, the ministry director, says, “After successful action research, we are planning to invest more into online and smartphone app broadcasting in 2017. We already have hundreds of thousands of new listeners.”
  • Please pray for FEBC listeners in the Siberian region of Tomsk where FEBC is on several FM stations since this winter. Pray that many will be saved.


  • Praise God for the permission to start FM broadcasting in Nikolaevka, Odessa region, in Ukraine. FEBC now operates several stations in Ukraine, and God continues opening doors in this country.
  • Please pray for the new FEBC station in Kramatorsk, Eastern Ukraine, scheduled to start broadcasting in February of 2017. As we are testing the signal, it is heard on both sides of the line of fire. Please pray that thousands will be able to find who Jesus is in this war-torn zone.
  • Please pray for the FEBC leadership team for Russia and Ukraine: Victor, Alexey, Oleg, Eduard, Sergey, and Evgeny. Pray for wisdom and God’s protection for their families.

-Victor Ahterov, Director of FEBC Russia and Ukraine


  • We praise God for the successful launch of the new FM88.3 station in Toktogul, in the south of Kyrgyzstan on October 16th 2016. We pray that this station will become God’s light in the cities of Toktogul and Karakul. There are only a few Christians to our knowledge at this time.
  • We pray for our Kyrgyz broadcasters in Bishkek, who are in touch with many listeners. They need God’s wisdom and strength to reach thousands of listeners on a regular basis. Ainura, one of our broadcasters is asking you to pray for her preschool daughter Baktygul. She has been struggling from a digestive problem since birth.
  • Please pray for listeners like Sunamkhan, whose husband struggles with alcohol. This is a common problem. Due to such domestic problems, many become very open to the Gospel.


  • We continue to pray for the FM frequencies in Almaty and Astana, two of the major cities of Kazakhstan. Nevertheless, we praise God for the growing audience to our live broadcasts on the internet, and via smartphone apps.
  • We pray for our Kazakh broadcasters in Almaty. Laura is one of the new broadcasters and does a great job. Please pray that all of our broadcasters would be filled with God’s Spirit, so that they would touch the hearts of listeners.
  • Please pray for the political situation in Kazakhstan. Due to religious extremists, the First Generation Kazakh church has many obstacles placed in its path. May the Lord give wisdom to Christian leaders in dealing with these challenges.

-Rudi Wiens, Director of FEBC Central Asia


  • Pray for the health and well-being of FEBC Mongolia staff, as the air pollution in the capital of Ulaanbaatar is 20 times the normal rate because of smog.
  • Pray for the plans for new stations in 2017, we are praying and seeking partners to establish stations in 3 new provinces.
  • Pray for our Kazak programming team, they are growing, and we are currently broadcasting Kazak Good News programming in 4 locations in the country.
  • The country of Mongolia is facing deeper economic crises, pray that we will still be able to maintain our current ministries to the best of our abilities, despite the turmoil.
  • Please pray for the unity of churches in Mongolia, it is essential to maintain the unity in the Body of Christ despite our differences.
  • Please pray for our staff in 9 locations, they are sole presenters in their location, which can often be lonely and discouraging. Pray that they will grow in the faith.

-Director of Mongolia*


  • Prayer: Please pray for unity in vision and in spirit for FEBC Canada at all levels – board, staff, and donors – in faithfully fulfilling the mission of FEBC International.
  • Praise: In spite of all challenges and a relatively small population, FEBC Canada was able to contribute over $1 million dollars to the overseas work of FEBC International during the 2015-16 Financial Year.

-Joseph Ko, Director of FEBC Canada


  • The relay station in Kampong Thom province the middle town of Cambodia, we have been broadcasting the relay for one month and we have heard so many good feedback of how it impacted the lives of the families there and we pray the Lord to touch people heart so that they start to have question and urge to know more about why we are broadcasting that kind of message.


  • On Christmas day in 2016 we celebrated with our short-wave listeners, which was very delightful. We had 47 shortwave listeners, 8 local partners and 27 staff joining the event. The listeners were very glad to meet the program producers as they were very eager to see the hosts in person.
  • Aunta Champa from Siem Reap said that she had come to faith through our short-wave broadcasts, which inspired her to buy radios and give them to other people so they too could come to faith.

-Sopheary Hem, Director of FEBC Cambodia


  • Pray that FEBC Indonesia will continue to reach its strategic goal of bringing people to Christ by radio or other forms of media.
  • For unity in FEBC Indonesia towards a single goal of bringing Christ to the Indonesian people by media.

-Sammy T.*, Director of FEBC Indonesia


2016 was a challenging year for Zimbabwe as a country. FEBA Radio Zimbabwe was not spared as there was a cash shortage in the country, an economic meltdown and there were a number of street demonstrations. Our prayer requests include:

  • We are in a process of selling our building. Pray that we get a good offer.
  • Pray for the vision for our ministry, as we implement our five-year strategic plan in 2017.

-FEBA Zimbabwe


  • Pray that God will give us a good place to work since for almost four years now we’ve been working from our homes.
  • Pray that the Lord will provide us a car to use for various purposes, like follow-up visits to listeners and other aspects of the ministry.

– Amos P*, Director of FEBA Malawi

South Africa:

  • Please pray for FEBA Radio SA’s staff under the leadership of Dr. Jurie Vermeulen, as they will work on a couple of new projects in North Africa and the Middle East.
  • Please pray for younger, as well as corporate supporters to join the FEBA/FEBC family.

-FEBA South Africa

FEBA Pakistan:

  • The implementation of new strategic Plans for next 3 years for the ministry in Pakistan. We are trying to improve our financial situations with the help of FEBC and non-FEBC friends and churches. Ask the Lord for His guidance and strength to open new venues and avenues for the ministry, to share His love and Grace with hard-to-reach communities in Pakistan.
  • The new leadership and new teams involved in finance, production, FM and follow up departments. Please ask the guidance and wisdom from the Lord for board of Directors, staff and new believers in Christ.

-Director of FEBA Pakistan*

FEBC US and Staff:

Several of our staff members at the U.S. office and several of our staff serving overseas have recently lost family members and friends, and several others have people close to them who are suffering from illness. Pray that the Lord would comfort and console them, and that if it is in His plan, to provide healing to those who are ill.

We encourage you to write your prayers in the comment section below to encourage staff and listeners.
Thank you for partnering with us in praying for the needs of our staff!
*names withheld for security purposes
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