Standing Firm

Rini is a faithful listener of FEBC Indonesia’s Heartline radio.  Along with her husband, she serves as a custodian/caretaker of a school.

But unlike her husband, Rini is a Christian.

They have two teenage sons, but due to financial difficulties, one of them lives with Rini’s father-in-law, who is a staunch Muslim.  It troubles Rini that one of her sons is being raised in a strict Islamic environment, but she feels powerless.  All she can do, she says, is pray that God will provide a way for him to one day hear the truth.

The Power of Radio

While Rini has not been to church for some time, she listens to Christian radio programs every day.  Since she can’t afford a radio, she borrows one from the school where she works.  “This is how I have learned God’s Word,” Rini explained.

One day, Rini called our studio and shared some concerns she had about her marriage and spiritual life.  Heartline’s counseling team decided to pay Rini a visit.  When they did, they brought groceries.  She was grateful for the gift.

“I’m so blessed by your programs,” Rini told us.  “I listen every evening, sometimes late into the night.  Your broadcasts strengthen my faith in the Lord.  In fact, they have helped me remain firm in my faith in spite of my difficult circumstances. ”

Rini prays with the son who lives with her and shares some of the messages she hears on the radio.  “I hope one day he will accept Jesus as his Lord,” she added.  “I’m also praying my husband will come to know Jesus and be saved,” she added.


Beyond the Radio

The Heartline Counseling team remained with Rini as she shared many challenges facing her, including a local shaman who uses the school where she lives and works to perform black magic rituals.

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