Earlier this year, we shared several ministry opportunities that needed additional support from friends like you. We asked, and you gave graciously! Here’s a brief update on some of the projects you helped make possible.

Vietnam: Our new director launched an in-country initiative in 2009 to reach even more people with the Good News. Projects include the following: the use of new technology to deliver the gospel in innovative ways to supplement FEBC’s shortwave broadcasts; partnerships with local churches to strengthen the faith of the people; continued radio distribution; a new Bible dramatization series; expanded production of ethnic language broadcasts; and evangelistic CDs to reach non-believers.

Broadcaster Training, Indonesia: As part of FEBC-Indonesia’s plan to reach the large Muslim population in their country, a media training program was established to prepare more people to become Christian broadcasters. Your support made it possible for our Heartline Academy of Media to train additional broadcasters and programmers, including staff of our newest Indonesia stations.

Saipan: Broadcasts from our Saipan facility reach 9 countries in 12 languages, reaching a potential audience of 1 billion people. Your support allowed us to resume previously reduced airtime to some of these listeners and continue broadcasts to others, reaching such people as Nastya from Russia who wrote to say, “Thank you, thank you, thank you, FEBC, for introducing me to Jesus!”

Chinese/Burmese Ethnic Groups, Thailand, Vietnam, and Cambodia: In November and December, FEBC was offered a matching grant to continue our broadcasts to several people groups that have no other way to hear the gospel than by radio. Friends like you not only helped us meet the matching grant, you helped us exceed it! Because of your support, these broadcasts will continue uninterrupted, reaching the hearts of untold numbers of people with the gospel message.

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