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“I didn’t know much about prayer, but I knew I needed it.”

A year of suffering from kidney problems had left Mrs. Chuan, a Buddhist,  with no job, and nothing but two dialysis treatments a week.

Distraught over her condition and inability to work, Chuan had lost all hope. She didn’t know who to turn to until a friend suggested that she listen to a YASKI radio program called “Sharing and Prayer.”

A life changed

Chuan listened to her friend’s advice and began tuning in to the program every night, calling the station to ask for prayer, and eventually a visit.

“They came to my house, prayed for me and brought Christian material for me to study,” said Chuan. “My life slowly changed. I began to believe in Jesus Christ…

While Chuan was hospitalized for treatment at Qadr Hospital, she asked YASKI staff if she could be baptized. A YASKI staff member and a pastor visited Chuan and baptized her in her hospital bed.

Now, Chuan is hopeful.

“I’m so grateful that I became a Christian. I believe a miracle will happen in my life.”

A Muslim in Bali finds peace in Christ

Everything in Junaidi’s life was falling apart.

“My marriage was broken, my life was shattered, my business not running well,” said Junaidi. Even his devotion to Islam brought him no peace.

When Junaidi heard about the Heartline Counseling Center, a call-in counseling program that YASKI offers during the day, he dared himself to contact them. For a month, he questioned several Christians about how to find peace in his life.

“The staff at the center counselled me until I knew who Jesus was and that he could save my life,” said Junaidi.

Junaidi became a Christian on January 4, 2015 – the same day that Chuan was baptized.


FEBC-Indonesia’s goal this year is for 120 people like Chuan and Junaidi to receive Jesus Christ as their personal Savior by listening to FEBC radio programs.

Radio is critical to our ability to share the Gospel with the people of Indonesia. Yet, right now, our station in the city of Makassar is in danger of going off the air due to lack of funding. We need your help.




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