Woman-Sitting-BenchSusy was a Christian when she married Dewo. In the beginning, Susy’s life was happy and normal. She and her husband have two children, one in high school and the other in junior high.

Upside Down World

Dewo maintained a contracting business and usually had to go out of town on several business trips, sometimes for weeks. Susy never doubted her husband because she thought he remained very busy with his job. After 8 years, however, Susy found out Dewo was having an affair with another woman.

Dewo and this other woman had a son, which complicated everything. At the other woman’s urging, Dewo asked Susy to leave. Feeling the sting of betrayal, she packed up her children and rented a room nearby.

Susy was shocked by all that had happened, and felt depressed and brokenhearted.

Regains Her Strength from Heartline’s Programs

After Susy moved out, she was eager to return to the study of God’s Word. When she tuned in to the radio, she found Heartline FM.  Ever since, she has remained a faithful listener to their broadcasts.

Susie found courage and new hope by listening to Heartline, especially the program, Leading the Way.  For eight years, Susy was a loyal listener.

 “I would like to say thank you so much to Heartline FM, especially for the Leading the Way program, which always blesses me,” Susy wrote. “It helped me gain strength to face problems that were disturbing my family. I am also asking for prayer support from servants of God who listen to the counseling programs. I feel so calm when I hear your prayers. I hope you all will keep praying for me so that I will remain strong to face problems ahead. With Heartline’s help, I can go through hard times in my life,” Susy said.

God’s Answer to Susy’s Longing

By the grace of God, Heartline FM crew had a chance to visit Susy and her daughters. She was so happy to meet the radio crew. She kept saying ‘thank you’ because she found encouragement for years through the Word of God and Heartline’s prayers.

“It’s like I was reborn again and longing for the Word of God. I am trying to apply God’s Word to my life and praise God. He gave me strength to make wise decisions and always to have faith in Him. And then He helped me repent and this changed my husband’s behavior,” Susy added.

Later on, Susy heard from Dewo.  He had asked the other woman to return to her parents’ home, because he  wanted to reunite with Susy and his daughters.

Dewo has repented for the heartache he caused Susy and his family and he admits he only loves her. Susy is now able to walk tall, with her husband and daughters at her side.

“Thank you to Heartline FM,” Susy said, “and your program Leading the Way. I know that God is always with me and my family, and I will be strong when I face future struggles.”


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