In the beginning of this year, we shared with you several ministry opportunities we felt God was leading us to, such as:

• Expanding our broadcasts to reach even more listeners in Indonesia, the largest Muslim-dominant nation in the world.

• Helping Mongolia’s first generation church expand and flourish.

• Developing and broadcasting programs in Communist-controlled Vietnam for the millions yet to hear the Good News of Christ.

• Providing wind-up portable radios for the hardest to reach in Asia to learn about their Savior.

Here’s a brief update on the projects, and people impacted through your prayers and support.

Indonesia: Unexpected Outpouring of Support

For 42 years, FEBC has been broadcasting the Gospel throughout Indonesia, now the largest Muslim-dominant nation in the world…and people are responding!  God is clearly at work because nothing else could explain the unexpected opportunity of adding three new stations in the past two years.  This has expanded our reach and allowed us to touch even more lives.

Consider, for example, Suyadi, a 21-year-old Muslim who tuned into one of our Indonesia Heartline stations:

“When I listened to your broadcasts, I felt calm and peaceful inside. The Word of God kept bringing me back to your station.”

After being ministered to for a couple of months, Suyadi was baptized and became a member of a local Christian church. Although he faces many obstacles to practicing his faith, Suyadi makes it a point to share his faith with his friends who don’t know the Lord.

Mongolia: A Modern Day Acts

The growth of the Christian Church in this land-locked country of 2.6 million is not unlike the growth of the early Church.  And in a nomadic country like Mongolia, radio is remarkably efficient at reaching people with the Gospel.

New churches are springing up, established by listeners eager to learn more about the Bible and God’s gift of salvation.  And FEBC is grateful to be at the forefront of bringing people to Christ and mentoring new Christians, like Ulziidelger, a 42-year-old woman who wrote the following letter:

“Not long ago I heard the Good News on the radio for the first time.  I’d never before heard anything about God.  I’m so thankful for those who share the Good News.”

“Before long, I started attending the Bible training offered at the radio station every Saturday, and my understanding grew deeper.”

Vietnam: Partnering with Local Churches

Only 2% of Vietnamese people know that Jesus is their Savior, making this economically developing, politically unpredictable, religiously pagan country one of the world’s largest mission fields.

And that’s why we’re there, sharing Christ with new technology that’s allowing the Word of God to spread like wildfire through cities, rural areas and remote mountainous villages.  Even we are astounded at the success of our speaker boxes and cell phone chips distributed by partnering churches!

Listeners no longer have to wait for a daily or weekly broadcast, but can grow in their faith many hours a day.  And when they’ve finished listening to a 32-hour Christian program chip, they can trade it in for a new one.  We’ve received a number of letters and texts from listeners, attesting to the benefits of this new delivery method.

“I’d like to thank you for sending me the speaker box and Bible teaching card.  I thank God for giving you the creative idea to offer Christ-centered messages this way.  It’s especially helpful for older people like myself who don’t own a computer.  With this device, I can now study God’s Word every day which helps me grow spiritually. And the other day I brought the device to church and introduced it to new believers.”

New Radios Are on Their Way

Through your generosity FEBC distributes radios where we know they’ll have the greatest impact.  Not surprisingly, those who learn about Jesus through the radio often become “radio missionaries” themselves and use their own radio to help others hear the Gospel.

Last year you helped us provide 14,275 radios to places like China, Philippines, Vietnam, Cambodia, Indonesia, and Russia.  This year we received an urgent request for 15,000 more.  So far, your recent support made it possible for us to distribute over 450 radios to those eager to hear the life-saving knowledge of Jesus Christ, such as this man from Indonesia:

“I’m so thankful God answered my prayers and sent me a radio.  Now I can listen to spiritual programs that broaden my knowledge, especially as I try to minister to the people of my village.  There are still so many who need a radio, especially in remote areas like mine.  I only regret I could not thank you sooner, but the nearest post office is two days away from my village.”

Thank you for helping FEBC share the message of Christ with so many people who are hard to reach due to geographic, political, or religious restrictions. Because of you, hearts are being mended and lives are being changed…forever!

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