For years the power hungry dictator of North Korea, Kim Jong-un, has starved the people of his nation in order to fund a war machine. He threatens to destroy the United States and other countries while spreading false propaganda to his own people, insulating them from the rest of the world so they believe his lies.

He has outlawed Christmas, the Bible, evangelism, and anything affiliated with Christianity.

While the rest of the world wrings their hands and wonders what to do, believers know exactly what God would have us do—God has given Far East Broadcasting Company (FEBC) a unique opportunity—

Land has been gifted to FEBC in South Korea, located in just the right place for a powerful radio station to send broadcasts that can be heard across the entire country of North Korea.

Your help is needed now to fund the building of the radio tower and station, and to equip it with the people and programming that will reach every man, woman, and child . . . strengthening believers and introducing the unreached to their Savior.

For nearly 75 years FEBC has been broadcasting into countries that are officially closed to the Gospel, yet God has proven time and again that our broadcasts can cross any border. We have seen that when our broadcasts get into a closed country, hope and joy crush lifetimes of fear and despair.

Imagine what a difference this will make for the people of North Korea. They’ll hear uplifting music and talk shows offering a biblical perspective on parenting, marriage, and more. They’ll hear the Gospel and learn of Jesus’ love and sacrifice, most of them for the first time.

Your gift now could change life—and eternity—for millions of North Korean men, women, and children who might never hear the Gospel any other way!

Please give generously to help raise $250,000 needed immediately to fund the building of the station and provide biblical programming that will share God’s Word with the people of North Korea.