Victor Akhterov

Director, FEBC Russian Ministries


“My prayer is that every Russian, every Ukrainian will have the opportunity to hear the Good News of Jesus Christ. I believe through His Word our countries will be transformed by hope and healing,” says Victor.

Growing up in the Soviet Union wasn’t easy for young Victor Akhterov. His family was subjected to constant government persecution; when Victor was only fifteen years-old, his father was imprisoned for his faith. Despite these challenges, Victor was strengthened by watching God work as he shared the gospel with neighbors, friends and even fellow soldiers in the Soviet Army.

As the political climate shifted in the late 1980’s and Russia became a free country, Victor joined FEBC’s ministry and has since helped build a team of Russian broadcasters who have touched the hearts of millions of listeners with God’s Word.

Today FEBC operates local FM stations in Russia and Ukraine. The broadcasts also span the entire territory of the former Soviet Union through shortwave and satellite services. But the new technologies of online broadcasting and smart phone apps is where FEBC Russia and Ukraine are moving towards, reaching hundreds of thousands of the unchurched listeners.

Through partnerships with local pastors and creative broadcasting, Victors’ goal is for the message of Jesus Christ to strengthen Russian families and help the large numbers of Russia’s first generation believers build a spiritual legacy of hope and recovery. “Due to the lack of spiritual influence, there is a deep spiritual and moral void that is pervasive throughout the country,” states Victor, “yet underneath it all people are hungry for something real. With each FEBC broadcast we pray Russians and Ukrainians will choose Jesus Christ as their savior and we encourage them to join a neighborhood fellowship.”

Victor has received degrees from both Fuller Theological Seminary and Biola University in Southern California, USA; he also holds a doctorate degree in communications. He and his wife, Oksana, have two sons.


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