Rudi Wiens

Regional Coordinator, EURASIA

rudy-wiens“People in the former Soviet Union need to hear God’s Word and new technology is making it easier to reach them. Our challenge is to offer programs that are relevant to people’s daily lives and to train-up a new generation of influential Christians to lead people into the new and promising direction.”

“I was a terrible solider of the Soviet Army” reflects Rudi Wiens. “I came from a Christian family in Orsk, Russia and while enlisted I was constantly being detained and questioned about my faith. The plan was to indoctrinate me or even imprison me for opposing the official Communist ideology. Fortunately God intervened and I was allowed to immigrate with my parent’s family to West Germany.”

In Germany Rudi first studied the German language and then had the chance to enroll in a Bible school. Later Rudi studied also at Biola University and got his Ph.D. from the International Theological Seminary in the US. Rudi is fluent in three major languages; Russian, German and English.

“I remember growing up in Russia only having access to a hand copied portion of the Scriptures,” recalls Rudi. “We had no Christian literature, only radio broadcast via short-waves from FEBC, including the Bible dictation which gave us the hand-written portions of God’s Word.”

In 1982, Rudi and Anni joined FEBC’s ministry as newlyweds. Their Russian broadcast via FEBC stations had a great impact on the young people throughout the Soviet Union, especially, while doing live broadcast from Saipan in the late 1980’s.  Later in the 1990’s, right after the perestroyka, Rudi initiated the development of FEBC’s ministry within Russia. Today Rudi is overseeing FEBC’s ministry in Eurasia. More specifically, there is some work going on in the following countries: Germany, Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, and Kyrgyzstan.

The most recent development is happening in Kyrgyzstan through a local FM station. “The main topics of our talk-shows,” tells Rudi, “are all about family and for the family. We believe that by talking about relationships from God’s point of view we have a great opportunity to make a godly impact on the society, especially, in that part of the world.”

Rudi and Anni have four lovely grown up daughters.


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