The transformative power of Jesus Christ is significant, comparable to moving from darkness to light.  People’s lives are changed on so many levels – spiritually, emotionally, even physically.  Here is a response from a listener who’s studying our Bible Correspondence Course, offered through FEBC-Thailand.

“Before I became a Christian, I was a Buddhist as that was the faith of my ancestors. I had many different experiences, such as being the person who summons the main spirit. Whenever I did that, I became unwell for no real reason. I ended up in many hospitals, but no one could figure out what my disease was. I asked for help from my co-spirit-medium, but he couldn’t help either.

“One day an evangelist came and told the story of Jesus Christ, that Jesus is the Savior and saves people from sin. He asked if anyone wanted to be free from sin. My life was in darkness and great distress. So I decided to believe in Jesus Christ. So now as I am studying the Bible Correspondence Course, it is as if someone is leading me out of darkness into the Light – and away from the strength of the spirits and Satan.

“Now I am in Jesus Christ and my sickness is gradually disappearing.

“May God bless you!”


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