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One of the astonishing worldviews of the Muslim faith is that the world is divided into two groups. There is the Islamic world, the dar al-Islam, meaning “the house of peace” and the non-Islamic world, the dar al-harb, meaning “the house of war.” This perspective claims “peace” is accomplished once the non-Islamic enemy has been conquered and imperialized over to Islam.

Kazakhstan, a nation of 16.7 million people, strongly holds to this worldview. 7.85 million (47%) are Sunni Muslim and view the Christian as their enemy. These Muslims do not believe in the Deity of Christ and will do anything they can to subordinate Christians to Islam.

Gani, a recent Muslim in Kazakhstan, was studying to become a Muslim leader to lead his community in Islamic law. He was also very antagonistic towards Christians. Much like Paul on the Damascus road (Acts 9), Gani was interrupted on his journey to lead Muslims to persecute Christians and has now accepted Jesus Christ as his Savior!

It is amazing that someone who was once studying to be an ambassador for the Muslim faith is now an ambassador for Christ! This is the transformative power of the redemption God has brought to this fallen world. Please pray for Gani as he goes to proclaim the truth of the Gospel to the very group he was once a part of.

If you would like to learn more about FEBC’s Christ to Muslims campaign, and how you can reach out to Muslims and support our ministry in Pakistan, please follow the link here. You can also visit our donation page for our Muslim ministry here.


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