Forgotten Parts 1,2,3

[vc_row][vc_column][forgotten_slideshow part=”1″][forgotten_slide media=”7571″ slide_heading=”Forgotten : A story told in 3 parts” autoplay=”true” background=”true” show_scroll_prompt=”true” label=”Slide 1″]An FEBC team visited this trash dump and found an isolated and forgotten Muslim community living amongst the trash.[/forgotten_slide][forgotten_slide media=”7572″ background=”true” show_scroll_prompt=”true”]This trash dump is located on the outskirts of Tangerang, Indonesia—a western extension of the capital, Jakarta. Indonesia is home to the world’s largest Muslim population with over 86% of the country’s 250 million people identifying as Muslims.[/forgotten_slide][forgotten_slide media=”7573″ background=”true” show_scroll_prompt=”true”]Over 600 people work here each day, and 50 people permanently live here in homes made of plastic, tin and pieces of plywood. They are poor, Muslim, and without access to the Gospel.[/forgotten_slide][/forgotten_slideshow][forgotten_textblock part=”1″]

A Forgotten Community

– Ethan Froelich, FEBC USA

A colleague and I came to Tangerang, Indonesia to film stories of people whose lives had been changed by FEBC broadcasts. That’s when we saw this mountain of trash.

We first caught a glimpse of the mountain as we drove through a maze of low, closely-packed buildings. When we got closer we saw it was a giant pile of trash. Silhouetted figures walked along its ridge.

Astounded at the sheer size of what we were looking at, we ventured in with local FEBC Indonesia staff. The stench was overwhelming as we drove our vehicle up a steep incline of sludge that oozed its way down to the base of the mountain.

Living in this dumpsite is an entire Muslim community, and in the surrounding neighborhoods were even more people who worked at the site every day.

A Muslim graveyard sits at the base of this man-made mountain of trash, where kids play with discarded bits of trash, using sticks to beat on an old plastic water container and kick around a patched-up soccer ball amongst the gravestones.

One of the kids playing there is Anissa Wulansari…[/forgotten_textblock][forgotten_slideshow part=”1″][forgotten_slide vertical_align=”bottom” media=”7574″ background=”true” align=”center”][/forgotten_slide][/forgotten_slideshow][forgotten_sectionhead part=”2″]

Forgotten: Part 2

(Did you miss Part 1)[/forgotten_sectionhead][forgotten_textblock part=”2″]


Anissa Wulansari is 8 years old. Putting on her black hijab, she leaves her home made of plywood and sheets of plastic, to head to school, a short walk away.

In cheap flip-flops she half walks and half sinks with each step, her feet plunging into piles of mango peels, plastic cups and piles of rotting leaves.

Anissa is one of many children of this dumpsite community that attend school till they’re 12. When they turn 12, they have to start sorting trash to help provide for their families.[/forgotten_textblock][forgotten_slideshow part=”2″][forgotten_slide background=”true” media=”7575″ show_scroll_prompt=”true”]Anissa walks along this ridge of trash every day, as she heads to school.[/forgotten_slide][forgotten_slide media=”7577″ background=”true” show_scroll_prompt=”true”]Homes are built on top of the trash mound, made of assorted debris found on the site itself. Anissa lives in one of these homes.[/forgotten_slide][forgotten_slide media=”7581″ background=”true” show_scroll_prompt=”true”]Our staff members around the Muslim world travel long distances, into hard to reach places and to those who have been utterly forgotten, to make sure that the Gospel is ministering to the hearts of Muslims.

Many have noted the dangerous extremism that is sweeping through many Muslim regions in Indonesia, and other Muslim communities around the world.[/forgotten_slide][forgotten_slide media=”7583″ background=”true” show_scroll_prompt=”true”]Just 48 hours before our FEBC media team was to get on a plane and visit Jakarta, 7 ISIS militants detonated bombs around a Starbucks in the center of the city of Jakarta, Indonesia. The blasts killed 7 people, including 5 of the attackers and was just the latest act of Islamic extremism to take place in the country that year.[/forgotten_slide][forgotten_slide media=”7584″ show_scroll_prompt=”true” background=”true”]But while extremism is sweeping through many of these regions in Indonesia and other Muslim communities around the world; it’s not the reality that people, like this trash dump community, want to embrace.[/forgotten_slide][forgotten_slide media=”7582″ background=”true” show_scroll_prompt=”true”]This woman, named Solo, sits beneath the awning of her house which is on top of the trash dump. She is a Muslim, and when asked if we could give her a radio so she could hear the Gospel, she smiled, saying yes. [/forgotten_slide][/forgotten_slideshow][forgotten_textblock part=”2″]

No Access to The Truth

This is a forgotten Muslim community, located in an area where the sights and smells keep most people away. Some organizations have made their mark here, providing school for some of the children, and other physical aid where needed.

Yet, when our team walked through this area, they realized that people had no access to an even greater resource: the truth.

Muslims around the world, like this trash dump community, are crying out for an answer to life’s biggest questions. Some are isolated from the Gospel by geography, some by extremism, and some by sheer poverty. But the need is the same.

That’s why one of our Indonesian staff, Nuel, distributed radios to these people so they could hear our Gospel broadcasts in their heart language for the first time. Watch it below.[/forgotten_textblock][forgotten_slideshow part=”2″][forgotten_slide align=”center” media=”7588″ vimeo=”″ slide_heading=”Nuel Meets Trash Dump Residents”]

[/forgotten_slide][/forgotten_slideshow][forgotten_sectionhead part=”3″]

Forgotten: Part 3

(Did you miss Part 1 or Part 2)[/forgotten_sectionhead][forgotten_slideshow part=”3″][forgotten_slide media=”7615″ background=”true” show_scroll_prompt=”true”]After the initial visit to the dumpsite, several of our Indonesian staff returned to check on the people living there.[/forgotten_slide][forgotten_slide media=”7578″ background=”true” show_scroll_prompt=”true”]On returning to the dumpsite, several of our staff brought clothes, as well as radios to give to the people.[/forgotten_slide][forgotten_slide media=”7595″ background=”true” show_scroll_prompt=”true”]Nuel, one of our Indonesia staff, stands with a man who was given a radio so he could hear the Gospel for the first time.[/forgotten_slide][forgotten_slide media=”7596″ background=”true” show_scroll_prompt=”true”]Forgotten and hard-to-reach communities like this one are all different. But, almost all of them share one thing: there is no local church in their area. As a result, our staff steps in as a local church would—asking people what their needs are, what they can pray for, and how they can help.[/forgotten_slide][forgotten_slide media=”7598″ background=”true” show_scroll_prompt=”true”]Follow-up takes many forms, in this case, our staff drives an hour and a half to reach the dumpsite in the slums on the outskirts of Tangerang, Indonesia. In addition, the radio stations have call-in numbers and websites, so Muslims who are interested in learning more about Jesus and the Gospel they hear on the radio can find out more.[/forgotten_slide][forgotten_slide media=”7597″ background=”true” show_scroll_prompt=”true”]Solo, who earlier in this story smiled when asked if she would like a radio to tune into the Gospel, sits and listens to Heartline, an FEBC Indonesia station. This is a remarkable scene: a Muslim woman in a hijab listens to the Gospel with an open heart. Praise the Lord![/forgotten_slide][/forgotten_slideshow][forgotten_textblock part=”3″]

The Need for the Truth

Much of the Muslim world is simply waiting to hear the truth; a message of love that tells them that violence and extremism in the name of God is a flat-out lie—that there is a God who created everything Who wants them to know Him.

At FEBC, our Muslim Ministries desperately need funds to continue their broadcasts—in fact, $98,000 is needed to keep our broadcasts on the air, so forgotten Muslim communities have the chance to tune into Gospel broadcasts.

We need your support, especially during this time when Muslim religious schools are telling children that waging jihad is the answer and that Christianity is the enemy.

We have seen our Muslim ministries around the world brave the dangers of persecution and death, to proclaim the name of our Lord and Savior. Please stand with these courageous brothers and sisters and give today.

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