Seiil’s Story

At 11 years old, Seiil had faced enough abuse. “My father was a long-distance bus driver, and when he came home he always drank, and then he’d beat my mom and brothers,” she said.

Seiil constantly thought of ways to get her dad to stop his abuse, so she started to write a letter in her notebook, and she contemplated suicide. 

“If nothing else will change his behavior, maybe my death will,” Seiil thought.

How You Can Pray


  1. Pray for the many girls who are mistreated by their fathers in Kyrgyzstan. In many cases, women and girls are treated as second-class citizens, and preferential treatment is given to sons over daughters.
  2. Domestic abuse and alcoholism is rampant in Central Asia, which often leads to abusive fathers, like Seiil’s. Culturally, it is considered common and acceptable to use force towards your children. Pray that those who are suffering from this abuse would feel God’s love, so they can experience both physical and spiritual healing.
  3. Pray for Christians in the region that are noticing a growth in Islamic extremism, with hostility against Christians growing. While Kyrgyzstan is still a relatively peaceful country in this way, as compared to Afghanistan or other such places, there is still a fear that outside influences will lead to extremism and violence.
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