Saule’s Story

Abandonment. This word means something truly unique to Saule.

Her parents gave her up when she was born, and she ended up in terrible hands.

Feeling guilty for abandoning her daughter, Saule’s birth mother felt compelled to look for her. When she found the house where Saule was being kept, she went inside. There, tied to her crib, emaciated and barely alive, was her daughter.

How You Can Pray

  1. Pray for the many women who are kidnapped and forced into marriage in Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan. This practice is widespread in rural areas and the cities as well, and while it is illegal, the families of both sides often accept the marriage, putting immense pressure on the bride to stay in a marriage she never chose.
  2. Domestic abuse and alcoholism is rampant in Kazakhstan, which often leads to abusive fathers and negligent families. Pray that those who are suffering from this addiction would seek treatment and come to know Christ through our broadcasts, so they can experience both physical and spiritual healing.
  3. Pray for Christians in the region that are noticing a growth in Islamic extremism, with hostility against Christians growing. While Kazakhstan is still a relatively peaceful country in this way, as compared to Afghanistan or other such places, there is still a fear that outside influences will lead to extremism and violence.
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