Nurlan’s Story

Nurlan woke up on the street, with nowhere to go. He had a family, but he couldn’t go home to them. They had been apart for two years because his wife decided he was too dangerous for her and their 4-year-old son.

Nurlan got up and walked past the mosque where he worshipped, a feeling of desperation washing over him. He had to do something differently—he couldn’t keep living like this.

A piece of paper tacked to a telephone pole caught his eye. On it was a phone number.

How You Can Pray

    1. Pray for the young church in Kazakhstan and for guidance for Nurlan and other First-Generation Church pastors in the region. Pray that their Christ-centered approach would attract people to their churches.
    2. Alcoholism is a huge problem in Kazakhstan and in the surrounding countries as well. Pray for abusive fathers to seek help and to be healed from their addiction. Pray also for the families of those who’ve suffered physical or emotional abuse from a family member, and for reconciliation of the entire family, just like Nurlan’s.
    3. Pray for Christians in the region that are noticing a growth in Islamic extremism, with hostility against Christians growing. While Kazakhstan is still a relatively peaceful country in this way, as compared to Afghanistan or other such places, there is still a fear that outside influences will lead to extremism and violence.
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