Under the outstanding leadership of Pastor Nguyen, the ministry has grown over the past 15 years by offering more broadcasts, expanding current broadcasts, introducing life-changing programs in ethnic languages, and partnering with local churches. But after faithfully serving FEBC, Pastor Nguyen has chosen Pastor “David” as his successor.

Pastor David assumed the challenging position of director in January 2010, and under his leadership, a new initiative has been launched to reach even more listeners with the Good News. With a nation of 86 million—96% of whom don’t know Christ—Vietnam is very much an unreached country!

Vietnam is one of the few remaining Communist countries in the world not known for religious freedom, though it strives to project an open-minded image. Maintaining a good standing with the World Trade Organization is vitally important to its economic growth, which has flourished in the past decade. Even though some progress has been made in areas of human rights, religious persecution continues. Christianity is still viewed as an American religion in the eyes of the state.

FEBC Poised for Next Step

But positive changes are taking place in Vietnam every day and FEBC is ready to move forward when and where God points the way. Here is just a small list of the projects FEBC-Vietnam has initiated to reach even more people with the Good News:

• Preparation and promotion of new technology to deliver the Good News in innovative ways to supplement FEBC’s daily shortwave broadcasts.

• Partnership with local churches to offer seminars that strengthen the faith of the Vietnamese people.

• Future radio distribution to thousands of Vietnamese listeners.

• New programs underway both inside and outside the country for shortwave broadcasts.

• A new launch of a Bible dramatization series in 2010.

• Production of ethnic language programs to reinforce FEBC’s commitment to reach the hardest to reach.

• Evangelistic CDs for Christian listeners to give to non-believing friends and family.

Listeners Serve as Barometer

We’re thrilled to report that FEBC’s efforts to reach non-believers are working. Not a day goes by that we don’t hear from listeners who speak of changed hearts:

“I regret that I came to know God so late in life and that I had to endure so much suffering without Him. Because of your broadcasts, I now have peace in my heart, which I never had before. From the bottom of my heart, thank you!”

This is why we continue to share the gospel in Vietnam and around the world—to help people see they were designed by a loving God who has a plan for their lives, including a personal relationship with Him.

Returning to Our Roots

FEBC’s strategy for a presence in Vietnam will require prayer, support, and a lot of hard work, but we thank God for our dedicated on-the-ground staff who are willing to sacrifice safety for the sake of continuing life-changing broadcasts. Please pray for our Vietnam team as they prepare for a new era of ministry. And thank you for your ongoing support that helps make FEBC possible. We’re deeply grateful for you!

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