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With the help of a faithful donor, FEBC-Russian Ministries recently launched Shalom, a weekly program targeted to Russian-speaking Jews. We estimate there are 1 to 3 million Jewish people living in Russia and Ukraine alone.

Shalom is a 15-minute pre-recorded program aired weekly, which focuses on specific topics such as the connections between the Old and New Testaments, Jesus Christ and Daniel, and the history and common threads between Jewish and Christian holidays. Following this is a 45-minute live, evangelistic call-in program where the guest speaker addresses listeners’ questions and invites people to visit local churches.

While it typically takes several broadcasts to prompt an audience response, listeners contacted us right away. Elizaveta from Moscow wrote, “After I listened to the program about Abraham and the Savior, I decided to visit a church. I was going there as a skeptic. This was my first visit to an evangelical church. However, as I was standing there, I felt the Spirit of God. It was a wonderful feeling. I felt some kind of inexplicable joy I had never felt before. I never expected to feel such joy in a church, and I never expected to cry….”

Mikhail from St. Petersburg wrote, “It was very interesting to hear a program for Jews on your Christian station. Several years ago I visited a Messianic church, but did not stay; I didn’t want to betray the memory of my relatives. Recently, a friend asked me to tune in to your station. I listened to how people came to God, and it had quite an impact on me. I began thinking, what is more important, not offending the memory of my relatives or building a relationship with God? I want to find out more about Jeshua. Thank you for this program.”

Regardless of whom we minister to, whether people from Asia or Russia or the Middle East, we repeatedly see a recurring theme: the human heart is designed by God for a relationship with Him. Elizaveta, Mikhail, and 800,000 other listeners we hear from around the world every year clearly point to this truth!

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