FEBC Indonesia, also known as YAKSI, is excited to announce that an estimated 80 to 85 stations have begun broadcasting their Heartline FM programs. These 80 to 85 other stations will be working alongside the seven stations that YAKSI owns and operates to share Heartline FM content on their behalf. 

FEBC Indonesia director, Jimriance Efraim, estimates that this expansion has increased YAKSI’s listener base by 170,000 people. He explained that their goal is to have one station for every region in the country. Indonesia is home to 300 regions and 34 provinces, 17 of which YAKSI is currently able to reach.

Though Heartline FM’s programs are available online, Efraim said that having them broadcast through local FM stations is the most reliable way to make sure their message is being shared.

“In Indonesia,” he said, “the FM radio station is more effective and reliable than internet radio because the listeners do not need to pay for internet data connection, which is still expensive and unreliable.”

According to Efraim, each YAKSI station receives feedback from 50 to 100 listeners in the form of letters, emails, phone calls and more. They share what they feel after listening to a program, what they thought and learned, ask questions and even ask for prayer. Listeners of Sasando FM in the Jogjakarta province are some of the most active, he said.

Praise God for the growing reach of FEBC Indonesia’s Heartline FM programs, and thank you to those of you who have donated to make such expansion possible.

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