Ever since FEBC launched a ministry in Mongolia in 2001 through radio station WIND FM, we’ve been sharing the message of Christ with a nation steeped in Buddhism. During that time, an explosion of people have come to Christ! The Christian population grew from a small handful of four to over 60,000 in the past two decades– the kind of growth seen in the book of Acts! And one of the early pioneers committed to sharing the gospel is Batjargal (Bat) Tuvshintsengel, FEBC’s Mongolia director.

Radio’s Role in Reaching Large Numbers

At first, Bat helped establish churches and mission organizations in the capital city of Ulaanbaatar. But it wasn’t long before God gave him a larger vision to reach more people through radio, especially effective in this nomadic culture.

Many who initially responded to the Good News were young people unencumbered by longstanding cultural traditions. The Holy Spirit was clearly evident in these new believers as they fanned out across Mongolia to spread the Word.

Partnering with Churches

While it’s been thrilling to see so many come to the Lord, people need a vehicle by which to move from conversion to spiritual growth.  Fortunately, that vehicle is the church with which FEBC has built a strong partnership.

“We exist to build the church,” Bat explained, “because communities are transformed by local churches. Our broadcasts prepare the soil of a listener’s heart by establishing a positive attitude towards the gospel, but it’s the church that most effectively offers long term discipleship that develops spiritual maturity.”

Radio Serves as “Bridge”

WIND FM listeners also find their way to churches because FEBC engages pastors as guest speakers on our broadcasts. The results prove fruitful for everyone, as seen in this letter from a local pastor:

“In 2009 two young women became part of our church after listening to WIND FM. In fact, they became Christians through FEBC’s broadcasts. At that time I was a guest speaker on one of your programs and I mentioned the name of my church. They’ve been with us ever since and are now actively involved with great zeal and love for the Lord! It’s been a great encouragement to me to see radio become a bridge to bring people to the church.”

Another example of our work with the church can be seen through our popular Lifesaver program, a call-in broadcast that helps listeners grapple with difficult situations. “Pastors who run the program share the message of hope and salvation every chance they get,” Bat explained, “because people are especially receptive during a crisis.”

Our donors are also important partners with FEBC, making our work in Mongolia…and around the world possible. Thank you for your commitment to share the Good News of Christ through radio!

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