When Batjargal “Bat” Tuvshintsengel helped FEBC launch WIND FM in Mongolia’s capital city of Ulaanbaatar in 2001, he had no idea what to expect. Steeped in Buddhism and Shamanism for centuries, Mongolia also labored under the influence of atheism due to recent Communist control. “We were dealing with an audience that had no concept of God or salvation,” Bat explained. But he followed God’s lead, setting aside his pastoral studies in the U.S. to establish the first Christian radio station in Mongolia.

From a Handful of Christians to 60,000

Fast forward to 2010. In the nine years since WIND FM went on the air, they’ve made themselves known in this city of a million people. Their 24/7 broadcasts educate, encourage, and inspire listeners, while their outreach activities minister to listeners in tangible ways, encouraging them to attend local churches where they can grow with a body of believers. As one local pastor put it, “I’m so thrilled to see radio serving as a bridge to bring people to Christ.”

In a country that once claimed only a handful of believers, 60,000 Mongolian people now call themselves Christians. And WIND FM, still the only Christian radio station in Mongolia, is considered a trusted voice in the community.

Secret of Success

Promoting family values and responsible living, organizing rallies that develop a sense of community, and introducing listeners to biblical concepts like charity, kindness, and grace is definitely making a difference in the lives of people. When polled, Ulaanbaatar listeners say they enjoy the friendly voices, music, Bible messages, and public service programs. And several years ago, the Speaker of the Mongolian Parliament commended WIND FM for its contribution to the development of the nation, citing himself as a regular listener.

But statistics and kudos tell only part of the story. The most revealing evidence is changed lives, an indication the Holy Spirit is at work in this country. The number of listeners impacted by FEBC is increasing, creating a ripple effect across Mongolia. Here are just a few of the amazing responses WIND FM has received from listeners…

“As a widow, I often felt lonely, and I struggled to make ends meet. When I first heard the Good News on WIND FM, I tried praying to Jesus for the first time. I cried… I still do when I pray. Life is difficult, but Christ is helping me see things differently. I now feel comfort and peace. Even my attitude towards people has changed. I attend WIND FM’s meetings every Saturday, where I learn about God through the Bible.” –Otgonseseng

“One night I was listening to your ’Lifebelt’ program. Tears suddenly filled my eyes. At that moment I understood one thing: I was hearing the truth. Love and peace come from mighty God who created us. My life has definitely changed since I came to the Lord. I had been lonely and desperate. Now I live with joy, hope, and peace. I even help out as a volunteer with WIND FM, which is God’s blessing.” –Gantulga

“When I first tuned in to your ‘Lifesaver’ program, I was intrigued by Jesus, and I texted you many times. After answering my questions, you referred me to a pastor at a local church. I then flooded him with questions. After I joined his church, I attended a Bible study and committed myself to Christ. I later brought four of my friends to church after sharing the gospel with them. Since there are no churches in my hometown, I decided to return and share the Good News with family and friends. Right now my church is raising money to send me back. Thank you, WIND FM, for your part in bringing me to Christ.” –Surenhor

As you can see, God is definitely at work in Mongolia! In fact, response to the gospel has been so good in Ulaanbaatar that many in the Christian community are exploring ways to reach the rest of the country through radio and missionary outreach.

Thank you for your prayers and support, which are critical for sharing the Good News with people like Otgonseseng, Surenhor, Gantulga, and thousands of others in Mongolia. You are making a difference!

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