All hail the power of Jesus’ Name! Let angels prostrate fall;
Bring forth the royal diadem, and crown Him Lord of all.

These were the opening words of FEBC’s first radio station when it launched on June 4, 1948, in Manila, Philippines…words that glorify Jesus. Since then, millions of lives have been transformed by FEBC’s gospel-centered broadcasts.

Sharing Christ and leading people to faith has been the cornerstone of FEBC’s ministry—in 1948, as well as 2018. While co-founders Robert Bowman and John Broger originally planned to broadcast from China, this plan was abandoned when Communism overtook the country, forcing the men to look elsewhere. The Philippines seemed like a possible location and, within months of this war-ravaged country declaring its independence, they established a base of operations in Manila.

Since then, our Philippines staff has established 12 radio stations throughout the country. The Philippines is also the site of FEBC’s two international shortwave facilities, which transmit daily programs to 42 ethnic people groups who have no other way to hear the Good News but through shortwave radio. In addition to the Philippines, FEBC reaches 48 other countries in 107 languages.

We are so thankful for God’s wisdom and direction that guided us through the past 70 years, resulting in millions of lives turning to Christ.

While we’re thrilled to reflect on 70 years of broadcasting, this is also a story of the faithfulness of supporters who have honored God through their prayers and giving, so that others might hear the salvation message and choose to follow Christ…right into eternity!

It is impossible to acknowledge the scope of FEBC’s influence and the number of people worldwide who have found new life in Christ without also acknowledging the many people who have invested their lives in this ministry.

We are grateful to link arms with you, our brothers and sisters in Christ, as we labor to share the news of a Savior with hearts full of joy. Let’s continue in that effort…until all have heard!

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