FEBC Cambodia recently met with listeners from their program, “Comfort at Night” in 4 different provinces. Listeners shared how encouraged they felt from hearing this program daily.

Testimony from a listener of Comfort At Night 

“My name is Han Hoeun and my church is in the Takeo province of Cambodia. I came to know Jesus as my Lord and Savior in 1993 and then also started listening to Family FM. I am always happy when I listen to this station, because it’s brought me encouragement, and has transformed my life.

“When I wasn’t a believer I used to live a life of wickedness and used to be very violent against my wife. I would cheat on her with other women, which devastated my wife, causing her to cry every day with the knowledge of my adultery. After listening to Family FM, I realized I was sinning, but I also learned about the Lord’s forgiveness. I started repenting of what I had done, asking my wife for forgiveness. I continued to pray and grow in my faith after that moment.

“I know it is only God who changed me and brought peace in my family. This program has also taught me to not discriminate against any one, to lead our children in the right path and to live my life as an example for others.”

In addition to meeting with listeners, 214 speaker boxes were distributed to 8 different villages.


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