“If the way leads suddenly over the edge of a cliff, faith says the foot will find support if God underwrites the adventure.”

-Eleanor Bowman

Join us as we celebrate 65 years of FEBC by looking back at monumental milestones along the way.

December 1945 was both a historical and spiritual milestone. Other than the $1,000 Bob Bowman and John Broger scraped together to launch Far East Broadcasting Company, they had nothing “in their hands except a vision from God and the faith to follow.”

This faith was based on God’s gentle prodding since their first meeting in 1936 in Southern California. Prior to that, young Bob Bowman served as the baritone for the “Haven of Rest” program, where he learned the value of radio to reach large masses of people. During this time, the Holy Spirit spoke to Bob’s heart: if radio could bring nonbelievers to Christ in the U.S., why couldn’t listeners in Asia be reached the same way?

Vision for FEBC Takes Shape

Whenever John and Bob got together, along with their wives, the topic of missions arose. “During those long happy discussions,” Bob later recalled, “the vision [for FEBC] took shape…a vision to build radio stations in the Orient.”

But when Pearl Harbor was bombed, plans were set aside, as John was called to active duty. He entered the Navy in 1942 as a radio technician, not returning again till 1945. When he did, they both had had three years to consider where God might be calling them. While they had no idea what to expect, they were willing to attempt great things for Him.

With no master plan, no financial strategy, and no staff, John and Bob ventured prayerfully forward, depending on God to show them the way. Before long, individual donors began to support the ministry, “realizing FEBC was a vision from God.”

Faith. It’s the foundation upon which FEBC was built, both through our founders and our donors, who have supported the work of God faithfully throughout six and a half decades of ministry.

Next month: Find out how trust played an important role as FEBC struggled to launch its first radio station in the Philippines in 1948!

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