Following the death of her baby, Mei Fang struggled with a deep depression that kept her in bed 24 hours a day.

But when Mei Fang’s sister suggested she tune into FEBC- Indonesia’s broadcasts, her outlook soon changed dramatically.

News recently arrived from our Jakarta office that a young Chinese woman named Mei Fang, a practicing Buddhist, began listening to FEBC-Indonesia’s station, specifically the new Mandarin program launched for the large Chinese population living in Indonesia, estimated at 6-7 million.

After listening for some time, Mei Fang contacted FEBC and asked to speak to a counselor. The counselor visited Mei Fang’s home, where the young woman and her friend expressed delight with the broadcast. “I feel very blessed that Heartline has a program that spreads the Word of God in the Mandarin language,” Mei Fang shared.

Ready to Face Life Again

“I used to be very stressed,” she added, “but ever since learning about Jesus and being born again, my spirits are much improved and I’m ready to face life again.”

“My strength comes from Jesus now,” she explained. “I’m much happier, even though my husband and I recently found out he has lung disease.” Mei Fang has been sharing her new found faith with her husband, and he, too, has asked to meet with a counselor from FEBC-Indonesia.

The Power of Ethnic Broadcasts

Even though Mei Fang speaks Indonesian, it’s not her native language. “Hearing the Word of God preached in Mandarin made it much easier for me to understand,” she explained.

Ever since FEBC first began, airing broadcasts in a variety of ethnic languages as well as using indigenous broadcasters has been one of our priorities, because people respond best to the Good News in their native language.

In order to reach listeners like Mei Fang with the love of Christ, trained Christian broadcasters are critically important in Indonesia. That’s why FEBC established a media training center in Jakarta. We’re grateful for the prayers and support of people like you who want to share the love of Christ with those who do not yet know Him!


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