In Central Asia, nationalities are scattered across borders through natural, and also forced migrations during the Soviet years. As a result, many ethnic language programs in this region of the world do not just serve one country, but many. This is the case with Jaina, a listener from Kazakhstan living in Mongolia, who recently learned that our Kazakh-language broadcasts could be heard in her home city. Here’s what she had to say after listening.

“My name is Jaina, and I am Kazakh. My husband and I have two children and we live in H*** province, which is in the westernmost part of Mongolia, which borders Kazakhstan. One year ago I heard that one of FEBC’s radio stations was launched and aired in our province, so I started to listen.


“My husband is a builder, and several months ago he hurt his back on a construction job. Due to his medical situation, our family struggled financially and led to many arguments and relationship problems in our family. Thank God, he is feeling better now. I am a regular listener of your Kazakh programs, which is aired in my province. I’m excited to hear the programs, especially because it helps me recover my love for the Kazakh language and culture, which is missing here in Mongolia.


“My favorite part of the program is when people share their testimonies. While hearing stories that are both tragic and uplifting, I often deeply think about myself and understand how my life is not meaningless. The storytellers will share how God kept them from harm and guided them through the problems they encountered in life. I feel that my heart was prepared to hear the Word of the Lord and to receive Him because of the testimonies that I heard.


“I also used to attend a Kazakh program’s audience meeting, and during it, one Kazakh woman who was there told us about Jesus Christ. On that day I made the most valuable and important decision of my life. I asked to receive Jesus Christ as my Savior.


“Since I put my faith in Jesus Christ, I have been able to come to a deeper understanding of what the Bible means, and a deeper appreciation for your radio programs and their biblical teaching.


“I now understand how God speaks to us in our life and He also gives us strength to overcome difficulties. Due to the Kazakh programs I listened to, my mind was completely changed. A few months ago my husband also started to listen to the programs and we now listen together. He likes the content of the program, especially the parts about the culture and arts of Kazakh people. Since November I have been attending a Kazakh women fellowship where a group of women share about our lives and study the Bible. We also gather once a month to read and study from a book called “Message From The Beloved Woman” which is written by an FEBC broadcaster in Mongolia.


“Now my husband also attends church regularly and talks with other Kazakh men about the testimonies of people, history and cultures of Kazakh nationality heard from radio program. So many Kazakh people here like listening to your radio broadcast, and we feel like a family because of it. Thank you so much for broadcasting to our nation.”

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