Disaster Update: Relief Efforts in the Philippines

Photo by AP

Thank you for your prayers for our FEBC-Philippines staff and the Filipino nation through this devastating storm. We praise God that all of our staff are safe and there was no damage to our radio equipment.

On Friday, Super Typhoon Haiyan (known locally as Typhoon Yolanda) tore through the Philippines and has been named the largest tropical storm in recorded history. The devastation has been horrendous, with over 1,000 confirmed deaths so far. However, the Red Cross estimates this toll could rise to 10,000. With most communications down and roads blocked, relief agencies are struggling to get an accurate assessment of the damage.

You can Give Emergency Radios Now

Our FEBC radio stations in the Philippines have initiated “First Response” broadcasts, airing critical information directing people to where they can find clean water, shelter, food, and emergency services. We also share messages of comfort and hope. A small, mobile team is being sent into affected areas to distribute over 1,000 portable, wind-up radios to survivors so they can hear life-saving instructions.

We ask that you continue praying:

  • For our ground staff as they assist in relief efforts
  • For the goverment & relief agencies to reach survivors quickly
  • For the Filipino people, as they struggle to recover physically and emotionally
  • For our staff & residents of Vietnam & China, who are bracing for this storm as it travels north
  • That God will show his love, peace, and hope to a suffering nation

Again, thank you for your prayers and support. Your generous gifts have enabled us to purchase and distribute radios quickly and effectively, though the need will definitely rise as roads in the Philippines are cleared to reach more devastated areas. Please continue to assist with relief efforts by helping us deliver life-saving information through radios.

Give Emergency Radios


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  1. says

    maybe you should change the heading for the other stories part. instead of “You’ll Also Enjoy…”, maybe you can can change it to something that wouldn’t sound off if the all the news it shows are either tragic or alarming. just a suggestion. 🙂

  2. Dan says

    Thanks FEBC. In the media I caught that communications are gone. You are providing physical & spiritual needs at the same time. Thank you again FEBC.