FEBC and radios have been a winning combination for 65 years! That’s how long we’ve been sharing the gospel with listeners throughout Asia and Russia. During this time, hundreds of thousands of lives have been transformed!

But one huge hurdle that prevents many from hearing the Good News is a lack of radios. The simple truth is, if people don’t have access to radios, they often have no way of learning about Jesus. That’s why FEBC makes it a priority to distribute radios to listeners who have no means to purchase one on their own.

Why Radio Is So Effective

• One radio can touch many lives

In many areas of the world, a radio is considered a prized possession. And in places like these, a single radio is often shared by as many as 25 people.

• Radio is safe

In places where persecution, geographical barriers, and cultural biases prevent people from attending church, radio provides a safe place to hear the gospel—not only for those living in remote locations, but also for city dwellers, the poor, and survivors of natural disasters.

• Radio reaches the illiterate

Four billion people on our planet are considered oral learners, and reports show that 49% of Southeast Asians can neither read nor write. Radio is the ideal medium to break through barriers of illiteracy.

7,000+ Radios

In 2009, FEBC delivered 7,310 radios to people in Cambodia, Indonesia, the Philippines, and Vietnam…people like Tun who recently wrote to say:

“I listen to your broadcast every evening. A lot of times I feel depressed because of my health problems, but every single program gives me joy and peace of mind.

“But sometimes I’m sad because I don’t have a radio of my own. And when I ask to borrow my brother-in-law’s, conflicts arise. Because of these problems, I sometimes feel like ending my life, but when I hear your program, I don’t feel alone. You encourage me to keep going and to rely on the Lord and be courageous.

“Now, whenever I feel depressed or am facing difficulties, I pray to the Lord and present all my burdens to Him. I also pray that I will one day be able to buy a radio of my own.

“I would like to say a big thank you to everyone involved in making your broadcasts.”

Radio Is an “Unseen Guest Speaker”

FEBC broadcasters are often as enthusiastic about distributing radios as our listeners are at receiving them. Recently we heard from one of our ethnic language broadcasters in Southeast Asia:

“Whenever time permits, I like to visit villages where my broadcasts can be heard. In one village far from the city, there were no believers, so I stayed overnight to show the villagers how to use a radio. By listening to a broadcast in their own language, three people from the village accepted Christ. I was so excited, and as soon as I received more radios, I gave them all away to more villagers.

“Now when I visit them, if our meeting time coincides with the broadcasts, they stop the meeting to listen to God’s Word on the shortwave radio. After the broadcast, they resume their meeting, as if the radio was their ‘unseen guest speaker.’”

12,000 Radios!

Today, radios are a desperate need! Since January, we have received requests for 12,000 radios, and that’s only from 3 of our 15 fields! As friends like you provide, we will help as many listeners as we can tune in to FEBC from their own radios, so they can say, like Fransiska did,

“I couldn’t buy a radio because it was too expensive. But nothing is impossible for God. Now I have one because of FEBC. It feels like God gave me a huge gift! Thank you so much.”

Fransiska is right. God did give her a huge gift, and He used you to make it happen. Because everything… our broadcasts, antennas, transmitters, and radios are made possible through your support!

Thank you for helping us put radios into the hands of those who need to hear the Good News. Your prayers and support not only deliver radios, they deliver hope!

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