In September, FEBC reported on the rapid growth of listener clubs in Malawi that focus on ministering to Yao Muslims. More recently, FEBC staff members have reported that a brand new church has been launched from one of these groups.

Back in September, one of the members of the listener club who is a former Islamic sheikh, wrote to FEBC staff to ask for more resources as the group was quickly exceeding its capacity.

“We are very thankful for FEBC for bringing us the Good News of Jesus Christ and that we are satisfied with what you have been telling us over the radio. Now we want to start a church which will bring us together more especially us who come from an Islamic background. Please know that here there are many, both young and elders, who are joining our group and it is growing beyond our capacity. At the same time, let us thank those who take their time in helping us with the resources like radios, audio bibles and booklets for listener clubs. Among other things know that we are very grateful for the support you are giving us through the Way of life program both on shortwave and FM.”

It is amazing to hear of the lasting impact that FEBC’s radio broadcasts can have. Many of the programs FEBC shares were created for the long-term nourishment of its listeners. Not only are FEBC programs used by newborn churches, they are also used as training resources and educational material for first-time pastors who do not have access to a local seminary.

“I am pleased to say that God is so good to us that a new church has been born through our radio programs,” said one FEBC staff member. “Let’s praise the Lord together for this newly formed church in one of the most populated districts in Malawi.”

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