Christ to Muslims

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Reaching Muslims with the Love of Jesus Christ

Many Christians fear Islam. But in their fear, they fail to understand that many Muslims are desperately seeking after God and are open to the truth of the Gospel. Where missionaries are locked out and local Christians face persecution, radio can reach quietly into the homes and hearts of Muslim believers. That’s why FEBC broadcasts into the Muslim world are so crucial and strategic.

Our vision at FEBC is that all people are able to hear the love of God and experience a relationship with Him through Jesus Christ. Therefore, FEBC broadcasters proclaim the truth of the Gospel message, while also teaching family values and running community programs. Our goal is to build bridges into the Muslim world so that we may introduce and connect them with their Creator and Savior who loves them deeply.

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In 2014 You GAVE $2961 to Share Christ to Muslims

Thank you for your generosity. Your gifts will help us continue to broadcast the love of Christ into Muslim-influenced countries.


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Broadcasting the Gospel in Indonesia, Pakistan, and Beyond

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As the largest Muslim country in the world, Indonesia has over 200 million Muslims. Though the government recognizes other religions, FEBC is only allowed to broadcast Christian messages at certain times during the night.

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Under an Islamist government, Pakistan has a 97% Muslim population, with less than 1% Christians. FEBC broadcasters share the Gospel though family programs.

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Stories from “Christ to Muslims”

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