Since 1949, FEBC’s gospel broadcasts have reached many people in China, from all different walks of life, helping people in an array of problems. They do not want the impact that FEBC has had to remain silent, but rather, they want others to be impacted so that they may also glorify God.

One listener, who started listening in the 1980’s, said that every evening at 6 p.m., his family of 4 would gather to listen to FEBC broadcasts, a tradition that continues to this day, nearly 30 years later. As a result of the broadcasts, he says his family have all accepted Jesus as their Lord and Savior. Not only this, but his two kids, who attended the Voice of Friendship Seminary,  now preach at the local church.

In another area of China, the life of a remote villager was changed after listening to FEBC broadcasts for over 20 years. Listening to Liangyou’s radio program “Happy Farmers,” the villager had this to say:

“Everyday at the appointed time, our courtyard filled with people and we gathered around the Red Lantern Radio receiver. No one talked as we eagerly awaited the start of the program. At that time, we could only receive medium-wave transmissions because we lived in an isolated area with no contact from the outside world except through our radio. No matter what problems we encountered, Liangyou was always beside us, helping us, guiding us, teaching us.”
FEBC broadcasts also make a huge impact in the lives of young people, as one Chinese high school student attests. As a high school senior, he was ridiculed for his pursuit of Christ. After finding a rare Bible in a bookstall, the student continued his pursuit of Christ, joyous that he had found a Bible. Since then, the student from Anhui has continued to learn more and more about the Bible and Christianity through FEBC broadcasts.

And finally, the cousin of one listener traveled many miles to the Yunan province of China to bring him a radio, so he could listen to FEBC-China broadcasts, in one of his darkest times.

“When I first tuned into FEBC’s LiangYou station in 2007, my life was at its most hopeless.  Suicidal thoughts occupied my mind everyday.  My cousin learned of my painful situation and traveled all the way from Shenzhen to visit me.  He brought a small radio with him and recommended I tune into LiangYou. Fortunately, I took his advice…and have been listening ever since.  In the past two years, LiangYou walked beside me through the most trying times of my life.

“When I was too ashamed to face God and at the brink of abandoning my faith, you gave me confidence and strength, helping me turn to God and ask for His forgiveness. When I was hurting and weak, you offered me encouragement, helping me find the courage to continue living.  I am indeed grateful to you. Thank you for your programs.  They mean so much to me. You saved my life and showed me a path to a new one.”

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