FEBC Bible Correspondence Courses are Changing Lives!

  • FEBC-China’s Liangyou Theological Seminary Bible Correspondence Course trains thousands of Christians, including pastors and lay leaders serving in Mainland China, with 4,000 active students and 700 annual graduates.
  • FEBC-Thailand has 38,151 people enrolled in their Bible course; 93% are from other faiths. Many are prison inmates. Countless letters from listeners describe their journey of faith that led them to the Lord Jesus.
  • FEBC-Japan has offered a Bible Correspondence Course since 1982, with more than 5,000 people enrolled.  We receive 300+ letters a month from Bible Study students and develop a one-on-one relationship with them. When a level of trust is developed, people are open to the Gospel. The Lord is touching many lives through this Bible Study.

The Impact?

Bible Correspondence Courses reinforce and strengthen FEBC’s mission of sharing the Gospel.

Here are just a few of the thousands of letters we receive from our Bible Study students:

Japan: As I read from the Book of John, I could sense the living Christ speaking to me directly. It felt like a miraculous experience! I’ve never read the Bible before and now I’m convinced Jesus is alive and abiding in me and directing me. I will continue to listen to FEBC and depend on Jesus.” 

Thailand: Thank you, Jesus Christ, for giving me new life when I received You as my Savior.  After studying FEBC’s Bible lessons, I see my life changing.  I know for sure that God loves me. I’m living according to the teachings you shared with me.”


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