Over 37,000 people are enrolled in FEBC’s mail-in Bible Correspondence course in Thailand, and many write to tell us just how much the program has impacted their lives.

“Ever since I received the Bible Correspondence Course, I have been determined to read the Bible several times each day. This has given me a true understanding of salvation. As a result, I became aware of my sin and prayed that God would forgive me and come into my life. From this point on I no longer think of sinning as I did before. I truly have a new heart; no longer do I act out in anger like the hot-headed person I was. Now that I know the Lord and fear Him, I have happiness in my heart that is too wonderful to fully describe or put into words.”

– Mr S. Phitsanaloke Province

“During the last 6 years there has been a neighbor next to me that has caused me a lot of trouble and persecution. It got to the point where I was so angry that I wanted to do something sinful to get back at her. However, because of the grace of the Lord, He helped me through the anger. Through prayer, He gave me wisdom to overcome the sinful reactions that the devil tempted me to show to my neighbor.

The Bible has a lot of value for me because I want to live by believing, obeying and fearing the Lord through studying the Bible. And prayer helps me overcome the temptations that come.”

– Ms T. Bangkok Province

“To the FEBC Team – I have received your letter and I am so very happy to receive it. I am well. I am studying the Bible Correspondence Course and have finished all three courses with 6 lessons each. I just received the certificates of completion from the course. Sometimes when I feel discouraged I read God’s Word and pray. It gives me strength and courage to live my life believing the Lord is walking alongside me. May God bless each one of you in the Bible team.”

– Mr.W. Khon Kaen Province

“I am so happy—I have received Jesus Christ as my personal Savior from sin! When I have study the Bible now, I understand that God doesn’t take care of just me, but He takes care of our entire families as well. Ever since I came to know Jesus, I can say that my life has been full of happiness and peace. Even though I often am stubborn, the Lord has never left or abandoned me, which also extends to my family.

My daughter came to visit me the other day and said, “I almost didn’t make it to visit you again—I was driving fast and almost hit a 10-wheel truck. But I didn’t. It was as if someone put their hand out and stopped my car from hitting the truck so that I wouldn’t crash!” When I heard her tell me this story, I praised the Lord for being someone who is looking after my precious daughter.”

– Mrs S. Bangkok prison.

“I want to thank all the Christians in the world because you led me to come to the way of Light and into the teachings of Jesus Christ. This has brought me to the well of goodness and opened my conscience. I have received knowledge from the Lord, which is like a beam of light that shows the way out of the darkness. I want to tell other people around me that what Jesus has brought to us is the best

I can see all things in the Truth. I want to tell Christians that what Jesus Christ has brought to us to know is the best – even though I am in jail, God has mercy on me. He has extended His loving arms to me, and I am so happy that I have come into the loving embrace of God and my Christian brothers and sisters.”

– Mr. B. Western Province

“Previously I had so much sorrow in my heart because of the sins I had committed. But, when I studied and learned about God and confessed my sins, I believed and trusted that God would cleanse me from my sin and make me clean. Now I have such happiness, and trust Him with my whole life!”

– Mr N. Rachaburi Province


*names withheld for security purposes


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