Amazing New Ways to Deliver the Good News

New technology is spreading the Gospel like wild fire! That’s the good news from one closed country that cannot be named for security purposes, following the launch a year and a half ago of an innovative method of delivering God’s Word.

Establishing Bible Studies and Church Groups in Challenging Places

With less than 2 % of the population that consider themselves Christians, this field is ripe for Harvest. And new technology is catching on. With more than 90% of households in this country having access to cell phones, memory chips that carry Bible messages are the perfect way to share the Gospel discreetly in regions under tight local control.

New “memory chip lending libraries” are now planted in churches throughout the countryside, where listeners borrow chips and play Gospel messages on their cell phones, MP3 players, and even speaker boxes where groups up to 50 or more people gather for Bible studies and church groups within a safe home.

Increased Listening Makes a Difference

But even more exciting is the extent to which people are listening. Rather than tune into Gospel broadcasts one hour a day as they did with shortwave broadcasts, the memory chips allow people to listen for hours at a time – leading more people to Christ and offering discipleship that deepens the faith of new believers.

“In our family,” one listener explained, “we have to take turns using the speaker box.  As soon as I put it down, my daughter takes it to her room, where she listens to her favorite program.”

Going Where Traditional Missionaries Can’t

Speaker boxes, cell phones and MP3 players go everywhere, from rice fields to construction sites to shopping stalls, sharing the Good News with people who would never darken the door of a church. In areas closed to traditional missionaries, these chips transform ordinary believers into “home town” missionaries, enabling them to share God’s Word with their neighbors and friends.

• An inn keeper attached his speaker box to two loudspeakers placed strategically in his hotel, sharing the Gospel with every guest entering his doors.

• A construction worker was assigned the role of “radio man” for his crew; it was his “job” to bring the speaker box to work every day and change the memory chips.  The crew listens all day as they work.

Partnering with the Local Church

By far, the most compelling impact is taking place in the underground church. Pastors and congregations alike embrace this new delivery method, bringing new life to partnerships with FEBC.

Many local churches have now become “hubs” –or distribution centers –where chips and speaker boxes are shared before and after services.  This not only brings more people to the church, it also serves as a powerful evangelistic tool.

A “Good” Problem

But the demand for speaker boxes and chips now exceeds our supply, and we’re scrambling to obtain more resources for churches, who are clamoring to establish chip-lending libraries of their own.

God also blessed us with a partnership with an in-country NGO, who is paving the way to establishing hubs within hard-to-reach ethnic communities.

Changed Lives

To date, this Gospel delivery method impacts people in the hundreds of thousands.  Hubs are everywhere, with more opening soon.  Thousands of speaker boxes and MP3 players have been distributed, and many more thousands of cell phones are used to tune into our broadcasts.  Tens of thousands of memory chips are currently on loan to listeners.

What does all this mean?  Quite simply, it means changed lives.

Listeners Quotes

I am an engineer working at a power plant. I have been a Christian for almost a year. Thank God that He has saved me from the darkness of this world. I am fellowshipping regularly at my church, but there haven’t been many opportunities to learn about the love of Christ. The first time I heard your broadcast, it really encouraged me in my faith. I hope that I could listen on a regular basis.  Please pray for me. May God bless you. – Mr. N.

I thank God that I live with Him every second, minute, hour, enjoying Him every day. God bless you. The condition of my family (and of a number of other Christians) now is just like those in the early church: scattered everywhere, not allowed to gather for worship. Some have denounced their faith, while others turn around and persecute their fellow Christians. Bibles and hymnals are being confiscated… But Psalm 23 is my source of strength and comfort: “Even though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil, for You are with me.”… Please remember us in your prayers. Mr. L.


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