Woman-microphone-headphoneAll Vangie wanted was a job.  Nothing ambitious, just a decent source of income.  Her family had simple needs and Vangie felt she could do something to help out.  When she dropped out of school after her family’s funds ran out, she couldn’t understand why God would render her useless at 23.  She was confused.  What will happen to us now, she wondered.

Vangie listened to the radio for job opportunities. She followed a daily program called “Business and Employment.” The hour-long morning show shared practical tips for finding a job.  In addition, the host always included insights that had more to do with matters of the heart than livelihood.

Vangie liked the warm and personal tone of the program.  She was drawn to the woman host, Cecil Amog, whom she considered a friend.  She sounded genuinely interested in helping people.

One morning Vangie found herself preparing to meet this on-air friend.  It was a mixture of curiosity and desperation that prompted her.  She realized she was looking for more than just a job.

Cecil Amog emerged from the studio after wrapping up another episode of “Business and Employment” and came face-to-face with Vangie in her reception area.  One look at her distraught guest and she knew she needed someone to talk to.

Radio host and listener spent a long time in a heart-to-heart talk that covered job concerns, as well as life issues.  When they finished, Vangie had prayed to receive Jesus as Lord and Savior.  Her uncle had shared the Gospel with her previously, but now she had the assurance of salvation and eternal life.

In the following weeks and months, Vangie’s aim became clearer and clearer.  She wanted to live out God’s plan for her life, to glorify Him and serve people.

With the support of Christian friends, Vangie is now a changed person.  She is fully involved in the youth  ministry of a local church.  Although she hasn’t found employment, she is busy with the small business her family recently started.  She is praying she’ll be eligible for a scholarship so she can return to college in the coming school year.

Whenever Vangie talks about the role of radio in her life, she tells people about how God used a talk show about jobs to lead her to Him.  She remembers what she told Cecil that morning in the studio, “Your program is a big help to job seekers.  But the bigger help it offers is to God-seekers who need to hear that life consists of much more than having a job.”



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