When Amira* called, she was crying.

On our live call-in radio program that day, we had been discussing the topic of parents.  Specifically, we asked listeners: what would you like to say to your father and mother?

”I want to rebel against my parents,” Amira said, then hung up. Once the program was over, Farrah*, a staff member from the station, called Amira back.  This 22 year old college student studying psychology had been listening to FEBC’s Voice of Joy broadcasts for two months when she made her first call to our radio station.

Beyond the Radio

When Farrah asked Amira for more information, Amira explained that her parents were forcing her into marriage to her cousin. While the cousin seemed content with the arrangement, Amira did not feel the same.  “I am not ready to marry and start a family,” she pointed out, “but my parents continue to pressure me.  What should I do?

Farrah suggested Amira contact her cousin and explain the situation – that her parents were insisting she marry in spite of how she felt. Though Amira was initially hesitant, she finally said she’d do it.  “I’ll be praying for you, Amira,” Farrah assured her.

Amira contacted her cousin and told him how she felt.  After listening, he said he respected her wishes, not realizing beforehand that she felt so strongly about not marrying.  He also said he would discuss the matter with her family.

Hope Again

Amira later called Farrah and thanked her for her advice.  “I feel like I have hope again,” she shared.  The approach Farrah suggested was simple and direct,  but it never occurred to Amira.  “I didn’t know prayer had such power,” she added. “Thank you for praying for me. I’m sure God spoke to my cousin to help me end this ordeal.”

Before hanging up, Amira asked if she could visit the station to meet the other team members. “I feel such extraordinary love from you and I want that same love myself.”


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