One day when Alexei was stuck in traffic he accidentally stumbled upon our radio station. We were broadcasting a dramatization of Saul’s life, including how he became a man of God.

“It was interesting that he considered himself a believer before he actually committed himself to God,” Alexei explained, “because I felt the same way.  I kind of believed in God at the time, but I hadn’t given Him too much attention up until that point.  Your radio story stayed with me, and I became a regular listener to your program.”

Alexei’s wife soon gave birth to twin daughters. “I was the happiest man alive in Moscow,” he shared, “but before long the doctors told us one of the girls needed heart surgery, and her chance of survival was only 50%.

“During the 12-hour surgery my wife and I waited nervously in the waiting room.  Suddenly, I realized I was praying. I was praying to the God I met through your broadcasts. I was talking to Him as though He were right there beside me. It might sound insignificant to you, but for me it was my first real prayer.”

Alexei’s baby girl survived the difficult operation and is doing well. But the ordeal touched another life that day.  “God also performed surgery on my heart,” Alexei explained. “I now go to church regularly, and I listen to your station all the time. The Story Within is my favorite program—it made a real difference in my life.”

Note:  Since 2006, FEBC Russian Ministries has worked with Christ to the World Ministries to bring Christian radio dramas to listeners throughout Russia. Thousands of hearts have been touched and multiple lives transformed by The Story Within broadcasts.

“We are using a team of excellent Christian actors to bring stories of biblical characters to life,” says Victor Akhterov, FEBC Russian Ministries Program Director. “The stories are also well-written, so this combination produces material of great quality. But this is not what makes these stories life changing. It is the love for the lost and all those laboring on this project and the prayers of our supporters that makes the difference.”

Larry Alston, the President of Christ to the World Ministries, says: “Everyone loves a story. Jesus loved telling stories. Conveying the truths of Scripture in story form makes a lasting impression.”And lives are being transformed, like Alexei’s. 


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