“For what we proclaim is not ourselves, but Jesus Christ as Lord…” 2 Corinthians 4:5

Proclaiming the Gospel!

What a privilege! In fact, it’s been our privilege for 65 years. In December 2010, FEBC celebrated 65 years of sharing Christ with the world. We’re thrilled to mark this special anniversary! But the accomplishment that excites us the most is the millions of transformed lives who have come to Christ through our broadcasts. While the credit goes to God, we’re so grateful for FEBC’s role in changing lives. It’s a legacy we’re proud of!

Mandate for the Future

While changed lives may be our legacy, it’s also our mandate for the future. FEBC’s goal has been – and always will be – meeting the spiritual needs of people by introducing them to Jesus Christ. And we know this need exists because listeners write to us. In fact, a report indicates that we now receive more than 1.1 million direct responses to our broadcast ministry each year. And the common thread running through our listener responses is hope found in Christ, a hope that changed their lives.

Dmitri, one of the 1.1 million listeners who responded, wrote to say: “I was addicted to drugs for five years. Today I’m a Christian because one day I tuned into FEBC and heard about Jesus for the first time in my life.”

Build an Eternal Legacy

While listeners and changed lives are at the crux of FEBC’s ministry, our legacy is also wrapped around the people who supported us during the past six and half decades. As our director of Russian Ministries, Rudi Wiens, often says, “We’re all one team; it doesn’t matter if one person is broadcasting and another is writing a check to support FEBC, it’s all about saving souls.” We couldn’t agree more.

If you’ve supported or prayed for FEBC, you’re part of the team. Through it, you’re building a spiritual legacy of your own that honors God. It’s a commitment to the Great Commission.

FEBC is the Wheel

And your commitment that supports FEBC is an investment in our worldwide ministry. Here’s how your giving works. As an international organization, FEBC consists of autonomous ministries in 19 countries, reaching people in over 130 languages.

At the center – or hub of the wheel – is our U.S. Leadership Team, whose sole purpose is to support the work in all these countries. In fact, our purpose statement makes that clear: By God’s power, we will lead, serve, and empower a global media ministry network to impact lives, communities, and nations for Jesus Christ.

We accomplish this through the spokes of our wheel –national leaders who oversee specific countries – by providing them with resources to help them manage and direct their field operations.

Global Ministry Impact Fund

However, wheels don’t turn on their own. So what turns FEBC’s wheel? You do…our donors. Your commitment to reaching the lost, the remote, the persecuted, and the hard to reach is the pivotal force that propels FEBC’s ministry.

And while some donors choose specific projects to support, those that understand the breadth and depth of FEBC’s ministry often invest in our Global Ministry Impact Fund, a fund that underwrites a number of critically important areas of ministry.

Long-lasting Impact

When donors give towards the Global Ministry Impact Fund, their gifts are magnified, extending far beyond one project. In fact, much of what goes on at FEBC is for the purpose of helping our field operations achieve their goals by underwriting the following:

• International Leadership

• Global Ministry Support

• Capacity-building

• Shortwave Broadcasting Ministry

• Operational Support for several FEBC fields

The Future

Here at FEBC we continue to have the same passion as our founders to share Christ by radio. With 3 new stations launched in Indonesia last year as well as another in Mongolia, plus ever-increasing responses from listeners, we know God is blessing our efforts. And we’re excited!

Especially as we move forward utilizing new technologies like the Internet, satellite broadcasting, mobile devices, blogging, texting, and live streaming, which are revolutionizing our ability to reach even more listeners. Just as God guided us through our early days of radio, He continues to lead the way as we explore new modes of sharing the Good News.

We’ve especially felt His presence during the last few months of 2010, when President Gregg Harris launched the 65 Days of Prayer Initiative, leading us in a renewed dependence on God. Ever since then, we’ve seen Him working mightily through FEBC, and we now feel poised for even greater impact in the future.

Thank you for your partnership with FEBC. Your commitment to reaching the lost will serve as a lasting legacy, made richer by the words: “Well done, good and faithful servant.”

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