We believe everyone should have a chance to hear the Gospel.
The persecuted believer, the unreached family and the forgotten village.

2.7 Billion Have Never Heard of Jesus

With a potential reach of more than 3 billion and local programs delivered in many unreached languages, indigenous broadcasters devote themselves to developing fresh, relevant and life-changing messages.

2 Million


Over 2 Million responses to the Gospel last year alone.

FEBC broadcasts 842 hours of programming a day, 365 days a year. Far more important is the fruit the ministry produces and the lives impacted by the Good News of Jesus Christ. Our staff daily receive tearful phone calls of gratitude, emails of listeners asking for radios and Bibles, and social media messages asking questions about specific Bible passages.



147 Christian radio stations covering half the globe.

With 3 billion people currently within reach of our broadcasts, half the world’s population can hear the hope of Jesus Christ, when they have a radio. As FEBC continues to adopt creative and innovative new technologies, like speaker boxes, Internet broadcasts, and mobile technologies; today it’s still radio that has the greatest impact. Because over 67% of the world does not have Internet access, there are 4.6 billion people who still need access to radio to hear the Word of God.



Local believers creating programs in their native tongue.

FEBC has been training and using indigenous programmers for many years, for the purpose of reaching people in their native language. More than two thirds of FEBC’s total programming is delivered by nationals in 105 different ethnic languages. Broadcasts not only break the barrier of illiteracy for those who cannot read, it’s also the perfect vehicle for those living in cultures and countries that oppose Christianity.



49 strategic countries reaching the world’s most unreached people.

Between lines of latitude 40 degrees and 10 degrees north of the equator lies an area that contains 4.65 billion people and 69 nations. This area, or “Window,” contains the world’s most unreached people involving the spread of the Gospel. 95% of the people in the 10-40 Window are unevangelized. This is why the majority of countries we work in are in this region.



For 70 years we’ve been committed to one thing: Broadcasting the Gospel.

The challenge in today’s turbulent world is not only to proclaim the Gospel, but to proclaim it boldly – even in the face of persecution. Each of our broadcasters are fully committed to this one message, and they share story after story of how the message of Jesus Christ is what they want to hear.

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