Day 8: Teekyanayak’s Story

“Jesus said to her, “Did I not tell you that if you believed you would see the glory of God?”” – John 11:40 

“And you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free.” – John 8:32

In a remote village in Southern India, Teekyanayak was born into a Gypsy family.

“People from our tribe live in jungles and forests, and in these places there is no electricity or television signal,” Teekyanayak says.

“My father and grandfather used to perform sacrifices and do ‘poojas’ (ritual offerings) at the temples. We kept in our house manmade idols and ornaments of silver, and we offered our worship to those idols.”

When he was 16, Teekyanayak developed a breathing problem. The doctor told him that he would only live for 1 more month. Shortly after hearing this devastating news, his father died.

Walking down the street one day with the grief of his father’s passing and the knowledge that he would only live for a number of days, he turned on a radio he was carrying.

“At that moment there was a program by FEBC about a lost son. The speaker read a verse, John 11:40, which read, ‘If you believe, you will see the Glory of God.’ He read another verse after that, ‘You will know the truth, and the truth will set you free.’ I felt those verses were just for me.”

Teekyanayak became a member of a local church, and the members began to pray for him. Gradually he felt better, and after 15 days, Teekyanayak realized he was completely cured. He could breathe normally, and there was no pain.

“I realized that this was a miracle from God in my life. I praise God for bringing me out of darkness into His light to serve Him.”

“If I hadn’t tuned in to FEBC, I don’t know if anyone would have shared the Gospel with me. And it’s not just me that was saved this way, there are about 10-12 families from our tribe in this village who came to know the Lord through these radio broadcasts. Praise the Lord!”


Devotion and Prayer:


When Teekyanayak heard the truth, it set him free, just as it says in John 8:32. Despite being told by the doctors that he would certainly die, Teekyanayak lived! God healed his sickness and showed firsthand just how powerful He was. We are so fortunate to know the truth ourselves, but often the truth is presented to us in more subtle ways that requires listening intently. Let’s learn from Teekyanayak, constantly asking God what He’s trying to reveal to us. 

God, thank you for Teekyanayak’s story and for his willingness to follow You once You made yourself known to Him. Thank You for Teekyanayak and his family and for their commitment to follow you, even amidst the hardships. We pray for other remote villages in India like Teekyanayak’s who haven’t yet heard the Gospel. And we ask that like Teekyanayak, we would be attentive to how You display Yourself in our lives. Amen. [

The truth set Teekyanayak free and saved him from his illness, but countless others are still held in fear and bondage by the enemy. You can be a part of giving people the truth by praying and supporting us financially.

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