Day 10: Venugopal’s Story

“For God did not send his Son into the world to condemn the world, but to save the world through him.” – John 3:17

Venugopal was born into a Hindu family in the south of India. In the Hindu faith, believers worship over 3 million different gods. But for Venugopal, he was tired of these millions of gods, because none of them were bringing him peace.

One day when walking down the road in his city, he came across an old book that was in a ditch with garbage and other objects scattered all around. Something about the book made him reach down and pick it up, brush off the cover, and inspect the pages.

After initially flipping through the book, he decided to keep it and take it home.

“I found it so interesting, because here and there throughout the book were passages that were underlined in different colors. Where it was underlined I decided to read, and I was amazed to start learning of the story of Jesus Christ, especially that he came to earth to save the sinner,” Venugopal said.

“I was confused by this statement. Why would Jesus come to the earth to save the sinner? My parents used to teach me from different Hindu religious books that the gods only descended from Heaven to punish and destroy the sinner. But here was a God who came to save the sinner. It made me more interested to know about this God. I started turning the pages and reading more and more to know about who He was.”

As he continued to read the book he had found, Venugopal walked past a Christian church and stopped outside to see what people were doing. Soon, a Christian at the front of the church came up to him and asked, “Why don’t you come inside?”

Venugopal replied that he wasn’t a Christian and that he didn’t want to come inside. But then he noticed the book that was in the man’s hand. It was a black leather book that looked much newer, but the same as the old, tattered book he had found on the side of the road.

Stopping what he was saying, he asked to see the man’s book. Flipping through the pages, he realized that what he had found in the garbage was a Bible.

“That book has made me change my life, and I accepted Jesus Christ as my personal savior. I found such joy and peace. This made me start sharing with people who Jesus is and what He has done in my life,” Venugopal said.

Venugopal now works with FEBC as a broadcaster, sharing the Gospel across the airwaves to millions of people every day.

Devotion and Prayer:


Aren’t you grateful that there is one true God? Imagine being a Hindu in Venugopal’s situation, where vengeful gods never seek to come to earth to save you, but only to harm you. What a difference the Gospel is! Man sins and God sends his only Son as a sacrifice for our transgressions—Jesus comes down from Heaven to save us! For Hindus like Venugopal, the Gospel is a welcome gift of peace. Remember that the next time you encounter someone who is Hindu. Remind them that there are no vengeful gods seeking to enact vengeance on them, but there is one God who loves them, who sent His son to save them.

God, thank You for saving us. We are all wicked people, deserving of death, but You consider each and every one of us precious, and in Your mercy You came down from Heaven through Your son Jesus to rescue us. We pray for Hindus in India and around the world, may they reject the false gods of their religion and embrace You, Lord. Thank You for saving Venugopal and making him a light to his people. Amen.

Venugopal found Christ accidentally, but the truth of the message got ahold of his heart. There are 3 billion people who do not know Jesus Christ, but you can help change that by praying and supporting FEBC financially.


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