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You have just gained access to indisputable evidence of God at work, bringing the life-changing Gospel to those living in the hardest to reach places on earth. Many of the people you’ll meet in the next 30 days recount stories of listening to FEBC programs for the first time, and hearing the name of Jesus Christ and the hope found in Him. Every day at our FEBC offices, we hear wonderful stories and we’re so glad to share them with you now. Let the hope and joy sink into your soul. We’ve included a meaningful Scripture and prayer to ponder for your own heart’s journey as well.


Day 1 of your 30-Day Devotional is “Lida’s Story” below.

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DAY 1: Lida’s Story


“Then Jesus declared, “I am the bread of life. Whoever comes to me will never go hungry, and whoever believes in me will never be thirsty.” John 6:35

From a small village in Siem Reap, Cambodia, Lida shares her story.

“In 1997, my birth mother forced me to get married, and shortly after, I had a baby with my husband,” she begins.

But then, my husband cheated on me with my own mother! I was hurt so bad that it felt like someone was killing me while I was still alive.”

Lida felt so ashamed and broken, that she left home and all she ever knew, and became homeless, wandering from village to village, selling flowers just to get by.

She felt like a flower herself, drifting on the water, not knowing where the current would take her.

Desperate, alone, and without any motivation to live, Lida was walking through her village one day when she heard sounds coming from a neighbor’s house. She stopped to listen. What she heard would forever change her life.

“They were listening to a radio program, and it was FEBC radio. A song came on that touched my heart. It was called “Jesus is the Bread of Life.” I really wanted this “Bread of Life,” so the next day I decided to sell my chicken so I could buy a radio.”

“Now I can listen to Christian songs every day. One day I called in to FEBC’s station and the pastor asked if I wanted to believe in Jesus. I said yes, and I prayed with him and dedicated my life to Christ.”

“FEBC took me to church and there I took communion. I was given the bread and I remembered the “Bread of Life” song and I started to cry. At church my dream came true, I was eating the bread of life!”

Lida wept with joy at the opportunity to take communion. She sold her only chicken to hear the Word of God. She turns to the “Bread of Life” to heal her broken heart, to restore her desire to live and to give her strength and courage to raise her son as a single mom. What an inspiring example she’s given us!

Lord give me the desire to value the Gospel so much that I give everything I own to have it. Give me the wisdom to turn to the Bible, the Bread of Life, when my life is difficult. I pray for all the single mothers who are struggling right now, give me an opportunity this week to share God’s love with a single mother. Lord, as I think about Lida hearing the Gospel for the first time passing by a neighbor’s house, help me examine what someone would hear walking by my house or my office. Show me how I can put your Gospel on display in my home and at work. Amen. 


Watch Lida’s Video Testimony

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