FEBC recently held a “Seeker’s Conference” on from August 8th through 12th in Pakistan. 42 listeners from 22 difference cities and villages participated in the conference. In the past, the conference has been based solely around FEBA’s shortwave listeners, but this year listeners from FEBC’s FM and social media platforms were invited as well.

“We praise God for all His blessings during the 2018 year,” said the director of FEBC Pakistan in a letter. “This is our faith, that the Lord is blessing the ministry of FEBC Pakistan in a tremendous way. The new platforms of Facebook, YouTube, WhatsApp, Webradio and other mobile apps are playing a vital role in engaging listeners on and off the air.”

This year, the theme of the annual conference was “The Summary of the Ten Commandments.” Rev. Aslam Masih, a scholar of many different religions with a Master’s degree in both Islamic Studies and Apologetics, spoke during the conference.

“I am a teacher in a local religious school and I teach the Law of Moses to youth,” describes one attendee. “This four-day Bible study has really turned me upside down. Now, I have a complete picture of the law and grace in my mind. I feel comfort and joy in my spirit and would love to share this experience with my students.”

This teacher told FEBC staff that the books he and his students have access to do not show the true picture of love, grace and salvation. He and many others expressed their gratitude to FEBC for their broadcasts and this annual conference that help break down such educational barriers.

“It was a marvelous occasion to experience the presence of the Holy Spirit where ninety percent of the audience was non-Christian,” wrote FEBC Pakistan’s director. “We had many important areas of discussion like the authenticity of the Bible, why Moses was chosen to receive the commandments, why salvation came through the Israelites, and even who is Jesus.

“I was really encouraged and felt the great lead and presence of the Holy Spirit by seeing all the discussions on very hard issues taking place in a friendly and peaceful environment. My heart is full of joy and gratitude for these friends who are in the process of finding The Way through our broadcasts.

“Please keep praying for this group, especially for those who have a great thirst to find The Way.”

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